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Ten Lessons for Leadership Success from Justin Gold
I thought the video lecture from Justin Gold about his company, journey and personal beliefs, which helped him achieve success in business, as an entrepreneur was very interesting. From Gold’s discussion, many “takeaways” existed; however, I felt that the following are the ten takeaways that really resonated with me and I think are important when leading an organization:
• Passion
• The Value of a Business Plan
• Mentoring
• Importance of a team
• Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
• Question everything
• Innovation
• Long Term Thinking
• Continuing to do things you love
• Self Discipline

I believe that having passion is vital for a leader. In my opinion, when a leader is passionate, it produces energy among your subordinates. Donald Trump said, “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” Moreover, passion allows a leader to share their vision, which in turn makes employees understand the importance and the impact their jobs have towards reaching the organization’s goal.
The Value of a Business Plan
The value of a business plan is not only the financial forecast and figures from previous years but it allows a leader to reflect, evaluate and analyze their business through a process. The development of a business plan allows the leader to look at the desired future of the organization and develop a road map, which a leader will ultimately use to set a course of action to accomplish the company’s desired goals.
For a leader, mentoring is important because it allows a leader to receive coaching from someone who has travelled through similar experiences. In addition, by having a mentor, it provides the opportunity to work with a person who has been successful in the same industry or situation; but more importantly, someone else understands the trials and tribulations you as a leader may encounter. In addition, a mentor can share their failures and teach you how they changed and grew from those mistakes to make themselves better as a leader of their organization.
The Value of a Team
John Wooden stated, “It takes ten hands to make a basket”. In my opinion, Wooden’s quote really illustrates why a team is so important for a leader; if you are going to be successful, you are going to need everyone to utilize their skills and expertise. Therefore, when leading an organization, a leader must understand that he or she is not the best at every job; however, by building a team you will take full advantage of others and the individual strengths of each team member, while simultaneously negating individual weaknesses. Therefore, a leader must consistently take time to evaluate and understand their shortcomings, so they may hire and surround themselves with individuals, which will cancel out their weaknesses.
Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes
When leading an organization, it is crucial that you do not stifle your plans and decisions in...

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