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David TraMr. RietzAmerican Lit: Block 36 October 5Why Tennis is a Great SportEver since I've started playing tennis in my freshmen year at Davenport West High school, I have come to realize that majority of my friends, classmates, and society does not give tennis the attention that it deserves as sport. Many of them claim that it is an easy sport and that anyone can do it. I always get into an argument with people because the only ones that make that accusation are obviously people who have never played real tennis before. Tennis is not something people can pick up right away. Even though tennis is not as mainstream as football and baseball, it should still be recognized as a great sport that requires a high caliber of skill. Things that make tennis one of the greatest sports is its diversity, competiveness, and the level of skill required to be a tennis player.Tennis is one of the most diverse sports in the world. In the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) World Tour, every tennis pro comes from a different country. Just like soccer, everyone in the world plays tennis. There are no age limits to playing tennis. You can be a 5 year old or 50 year old, and it would not matter. Not only that, but no other top-tier sport has such a remarkable mix of high-level male and female athletes. In fact, you can play mixed doubles in local and state tournaments, making tennis a sport that both girls and boys can play together. Tennis is one of the most international and gender mixed sport you can find out there. There are many celebrities that also play tennis, one of them being Maroon 5's lead guitarist, James Valentine. Tennis is a lifetime sport, and is something that you can play for the rest of your lifeThe competiveness level found in tennis is often misjudged and overlooked by the majority of society, and is one of the least watched TV sports programs in the United States. That's not very surprising however, considering that there are so many contact sports like football and basketball in the United States. One fault in tennis is how it is broadcasted and filmed. On TV, tennis rallies look considerably slow and does not emphasize the intense action that is constantly happening out there on the courts. The only time people can actually see how fast paced tennis can be is when highlights are shown from the back perspective of a player, or a close up replay of a bolstering ace serve. The majority of the pros on the tennis tour are athletes who have been playing since they've been five. This makes this sport really competitive, because players are constantly trying to get better, especially when the amount of experience plays a huge role. If a person starts late into tennis like me, hours and hours of practice are necessary to compete against those who have been playing all their lives.The thing that most people fail to realize is that tennis a man on man sport, and that when a person steps out onto the court, it is all them. Two players duke it out...

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1146 words - 5 pages The individual taken in consideration during this course is a 17 year old tennis player, about 5’10’’ or 1.80 Cm. weighting 170 pounds or about 77 Kg.Tennis requires broad endurance capacity, with an ability to perform short bursts of high-intensity exercise combined with stages of lighter intensity or also rest. It is common for tennis matches to last one to 4 hours and played in very hot and humid conditions (1). Modern tennis

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