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Tennis Science: The Power Of The Racket And The Ball

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Tennis Science: The Power of the Racket and the Ball


Tennis is a popular sport mostly in western part of the world. This is played as single or

double players. Each players has a racket that should be used in smashing the ball in to the other

side of the court and take advantage in getting a score. This sport can enhance our physical

fitness same as some hard core athletic sports like swimming, basketball, and many more. The

mechanics in this game, make sure you should avoid to commit a mistake, make the opponent

make a mistake and score a point. But this is not just swing the racket, give the best that you’ve

got and make a lots of point. In this paper player should know the science behind the racket and

the movement of the ball in the game. There are lots of long-time player doesn’t know about the

science behind the tennis. In fact, this is a great advantage to get a point to your opponent by

using this knowledge as a tactics.

The Racket

The String as the face of the racket

The sting is the largest part of the racket that serve as the face of the racket. This is the

part where the ball were landed as you swing the racket. This can be made up of natural guts or

synthetic guts. Natural guts came from the intestine of an animal. While the synthetic guts came

from nylon strings, polyester and Kevlar, multifilament or textured string. Nylon strings is a

good al around string category. This is a popular string choice in tennis. The polyester and

Tennis Science: The Power Of Ball and Racket


Kevlar represent the durability category. While in multifilament string, this is the best overall

playability for your racket. It is gentle. It can punish your opponent. Lastly the textured strings

can produce more spin on the tennis ball. Because of the rough surface of strings, it has more

friction that holds up the ball.

Picking the right kind of string can affect the game play of the player. Choosing its

elasticity, durability rebound capacity, and tension holding capability that ensure you’re

comfortably in your stings.

The tension of the string have a great affect in your racket. It can affect your control and

power in game. When you pick a high tension, it’s less in power, durability comfort and feel but

more on control. And when you pick the lower tension, it’s more power, durability comfort and

feel but less in control. You can choice depending on what you are preferred on.

The gauge of the string also affect your game play. This is the size of the string of your

racket. It measures as diameter. It has the most effect on your feel and spin. If you’ve pick the

thicker one, it is less spin, elasticity, comfort and feel, but more in durability. And if you’ve pick

the thinner one, it is more on spin, elasticity, comfort and feel, but less on durability.

The Body Racket that holds the string

According to Tom Sadzeck (2008). The body racket that holds the racket can...

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