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sdf In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, American society was changing rapidly. Many of these changes helped produce the tension of the 1920's. The industrialization and mass-production techniques instituted drastically altered the lives of thousands of people. both their jobs and their lifestyles changed. because of industrialization, the urban population grew, and many new inventions were produced. the new fast-paced lifestyle loosened many of the old values people used to stand by strictly.Along with industrialization, the invention of the automobile quickened American life and loosened its morals. People had more opportunity to get away and try new things. Because of the great age of radio, the new ideas were spread quickly and larger numbers were exposed to them. However, one of the greatest contributors to the 1920's as a peiod of tension was World War I. During the war, thousands of people endured great hardship and misery. The nation was concentrating on war, not fun. After the return of the soldiers, people wanted some relief and enjoyment. This feeling came through in the revolutionary attitudes of the 1920's.The new attitudes and inventions were evident in many aspectes of life. For instance, in Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt, published in 1922, he writes of "These standard advertised wares -- toothpastes, socks, tires, cameras, instantaneous hot-water- heaters --..." The new products had become the norm rather than the exception. Society had a great emphasis on being comfortable.Another example of the dominance of new, looser morals came from marriage/divorce statistics. Up until the...

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2338 words - 9 pages In the short stories Wells creates tension (a sense of expectancy) by using: personification dramatic irony and vivid imagery. Many of these techniques recur through the stories and there are also certain values and moral viewpoints which are frequently referred to. Many of the values Wells expresses through his writing were advanced for the times that he lived in. Tension in Well’s stories is initially created through titles in both the

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1839 words - 7 pages Remember the Racial Tension Attending high school has many challenges socially, academically, and athletically. In the years of racial integration these challenges were amplified for the students. The movie Remember the Titans tells the story of how one high school dealt with integrating black and white students into their school and also into a championship football team. The media can depict their own take on how this transition played out

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1605 words - 6 pages Dramatic Tension in Macbeth   Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ is set in Scotland during the rule of king Duncan. Macbeth has fought his way up the ranks of the army to become one of Duncan’s most trusted Lords. An encounter with three witches puts wickedness into the heart of an otherwise noble and loyal Macbeth.  Shakespeare’s brilliant use of dramatic irony, the supernatural, and indecision produce a dramatic tension that keeps the

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1951 words - 8 pages is evident that past propositions had a great impact on the function of the legislature by changing its institutional processes and norms. Through the passage of different initiatives pertaining to the legislature, it is undeniable that the relationship of direct democracy and the California legislature has created tension in Californian politics. In order to understand how the tension formed, we must address the changes that the initiatives

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695 words - 3 pages Act One, Scene One opens in pitch darkness of the battlements of the castle of Elsinore: two guards, Barnardo and Fransico, evidently keep watch in a state of some anxiety which is immediately apparent in the edginess of their nervous questioning of each other's presence: “Who's there?”, “Nay, answer me. Stand and unfold yourself.” Tension is created in this terse exchange: as a sense of fear should be evoked in the audience of a potentially

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807 words - 3 pages Tension in Witch's Money   In John Collier's "Witch's Money," the stranger who suddenly appears in a remote mountain village in Spain is initially seen by Foiral as an unwelcome madman. Certainly his surrealist description of the landscape must seem a symptom of insanity to one unfamiliar with the trends of modern art. Once he offers a nice sum of money to buy Foiral's house, however, the stranger is treated with a new attitude. He is

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2339 words - 9 pages Tension in Hitchcock's Psycho Hitchcock produced 'Psycho' in 1960. It was a groundbreaking film as it was the first American motion picture to feature a toilet being flushed. Also, Janet Leigh was shown in her underwear on more than one occasion, and, during the famous shower scene, it's possible to see hints of flesh. Hitchcock used the media to sell his film to a younger, fresher audience. The poster for this

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2829 words - 11 pages Tension in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho When Psycho was first released in cinemas in 1960, audiences all over the world were shocked. They were shocked that something as sexually explicit, for that era, was being screened in hundreds of cinemas. Although audiences of the modern day are used to violence and sex scenes, the audiences of the 60's reacted in different ways. Some people viewed Psycho as a cinematic brilliance

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1655 words - 7 pages Development of Tension in Several Stories The "Black Cottage" was written in 1859 by Wilkie Collins and is a typical example of Victorian melodrama. The story is narrated by a young girl named Bessie as she faces responsibility, insecurity and eventual success. Strong tension is developed from very early on in this story. With no mother and the rest of her family working away, the young girl is physically and

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1276 words - 5 pages Discuss how Dickens creates tension and fear in the early chapters of Great Expectations. There is a lot of tension and fear created by Charles Dickens throughout the early Chapters of Great Expectations. In Chapter 1 tension is started off when Philip known as Pip hadn’t seen his parents of any kind, Charles Dickens stated that in 1960 - 1961 they never had photographs of any kind, therefore Pip didn’t even know what his parents

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1324 words - 5 pages Atmosphere and Tension in Great Expectations In this essay I am going to write about how Charles Dickens creates atmosphere and tension in the opening chapter, of Great Expectations. Because the audience cannot see what Dickens wants them to, he has to create atmosphere and tension to guide the audience through the incident, as well as hooking the audience by keeping them interested. Dickens intentionally creates that atmosphere because

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