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Teresa Odom Edgar Allen Poe Rough Draft

1050 words - 5 pages

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most known authors well after his time. He has had a life field with death and sadness, but yet he still continued to write and is now one of the greatest writers of his time and is still studied by teens and English teachers today.

Edgar Allan Poe was a very interesting person he continued to write throughout the years even though he had hard times and good times and he left his legacy of all kinds of poems and short stories to remember him by so as I’ve studied and read I will let you read this interesting’s man’s life.

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. He had a single mother after his father disappeared shortly after he was born. His mother was an actress and soon remarried she died at a young age and the children were sent to three different foster homes. Edgar moved in with john Allan and Frances she was childless so Edgar got a lot of attrition from her and tensions began to rise when Edgar discovered his forester father was unfaithful to his foster mother and lead to other problems in their relationship. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

in (1815-20) Poe was taken to Scotland England he reserved a classical education that was continued in richman .in 1826 for 11months (one semester) he went to the university of Virginia due to his foster father`s disapproval of him being a writer he and Edgar not handling it so well his father refused to pay his funds Edgar was forested to leave. And due to poverty he was forested to go to the military academy with the help of his foster father of cores when he returned to find his sweet heart Sarah engaged to another man. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

For many years Edgar just stayed depressed and drunk he was also known as a drug addict. Soon after he married his cousin Virginia clemm (she was 13 at the time) she always stood by him no matter what. In 1833writing contest and won 50$ it also helped build his reputation. He became friends with lots of authors who helped him throughout the years. His friend john p kenedey helped him get a job at southern literary messander it was a staff job that he soon lost for drinking to heavily. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

sadly drinking was a fact to be then bane of his life .Edgar liked to drink a glass or two be for entertaining a large group of people or speaking in public but the problem was that one to two drinks would turn into 20 . This was a big problem for his career and for the people around him .Edgar was also known as a big drug user but later on a doctor stepped up and testified that he had a brain lesion and was simply taking medication for the injury. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

In 1827 before leaving for a military academy in Boston Edgar published tamberlen it was book full of new poems .in 1833 he returned to Baltimore and...

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