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Term Essay

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The term poverty originates form the meaning that one family or person is too poor to afford basic necessities to sustain a natural way of life. Poverty comes in many forms in this day and age.The world that we live in today is plagued with a substantial amount of lower class families that are torn and plagued by the ever increasing negatives such as drugs, violence and lack of nominal income to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This creates a portal for the next generation to bear and come out. How does poverty affect not only the individual but the families and the children of that individual? How within today’s society within the country of the free and equal opportunity is the effect on poverty increasingly dampening the chances of young children to regain ample strength and create a society not beared by the social poverty or lower class?
To first understand why the chances to regain strength and break out of the social barrier or lower class because of outside influences we have to distinguish the differences between children that are born within the lower class specifically targeting the school settings. A basic and very highly recognized factor within the poor and lower class children today is the nutritional tract which within they are taught from a very young age that adversely affect they habits and lifestyle when they grow up. Generally within the lower class population food tends to be of lower nutritional value because within the general public food with the least amount of cost is generally fast food and supplemented products with gmo’s and high amount of saturated fat and sugars. Especially within the morning time when the meal is most crucial for the gray matter within a childs brain families within the lower class tend to skip breakfast altogether. This directly affects the child's focus and energy levels throughout the coming days and provokes lack of attention and increases the child's chances of missing important information that is crucial for the development of the child as a student. Long due exposure to this leads to poor working memory and a dramatic increased effect of an ability to link cause and effect.
Another disadvantage of children that live within the confines of a lower socioeconomic conditions typically have a vocabulary disadvantage compared to their middle to upper class student...

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