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Difference Between Good Leaders And Bad Leaders Who Manage In An Organization

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In this paper I decided to break down the difference between good leaders and bad leaders who manage in an organization. After The breakdown I’ll go into the proper tools to improve as a leader. I haven’t work in a lot of jobs but out of the few I have, I noticed the difference in leadership skills. I’ve observed top managers, middle managers, and team leads in different job settings. Although they all have different roles to play in an organization, they all are some type of leader. While majority of them did a good job getting their points across, managing team huddles for employers to be up to date on objectives and expression, and also their delivery in speech which helped us trust them, there are some who are not really being a good leader and cause uncomforting and untrusting feelings while working under them. Supervisory management goals should be to help employees most adequately fit with the needs of a company.

Good leadership requires treating employees with great respect and care. The better the respect and caring for the employee, the better the outcome. I believe you should treat employees as if they are very important and valuable and you will cause them to feel and become this way. They will then treat their work, customers, peers and management this way. It helps employees trust you which help them voluntarily follow your lead. I feel managers should be willing to coach people when necessary to raise them to a higher standard. I’ve witnessed good leaders at my job give great instructions and guidance and made employees feel comfortable enough to come to them for any type of question or concern. You should always be ready to provide direction when needed to ensure that everyone is on the same page. A good leader communicates the vision that was set by all. If it is a vision of little interest, then they should be exceptive of another one being found.

Good leaders are great to come by but unfortunately a lot of people have experienced the bad bosses. You know, the bosses that you hate to see coming or get extra excited when they’re on vacation. Bad leadership is characterized by attempting to control employees through orders, goals, reports, visions, and anything designed to almost force employees to work how they feel they should work and also to create and deliver what management considers being satisfactory products and services. In these types of modes, management tries to decide what to do, when to do it, and how to do it and listens only a little, if they listen at all, to what employees have to say. These types of supervisors are better known as work bullies, who are people who verbally and intentionally humiliate, ridicule, and intimidate others on a regular basis. Uttering deliberate insults, make unreasonable demands, bark orders, or verbally harass individuals (Newstrom, pg.16). I’ve had a situation where I heard our manager call us stupid or slow and I must admit it made me feel uneasy and ready to explode but I need...

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