Term Paper: Research Five Critics, Explain Their Perspectives On The Character Of Antigone. Includes Outline, Endnotes And Bibliography.

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OUTLINEI. Antigone - A Complex CharacterA.Committed to Absolute ValuesB.Hero and VictimC.Faith in ReligionD.Persistent FeministE.CourageousII. Antigone - ExaminedA.Committed to Absolute Values1.Refuses to compromise with state2.Forces father of fiancé to order her executionB.Hero and Victim1.Defies Creon2.is a womanC.Faith in Religion1.Wants to obey divine law2.Puts divine law above human lawD.Persistent Feminist1.Disobeys regent2.Never loses hopeE.Courageous1.Accepts death to prove point2.Never weakensIII. Antigone - A Final LookINTERPRETATIONS OF ANTIGONEIn the play "Antigone," written by Sophocles, the main character is named Antigone. Over the years, critics have been divided in their interpretations of her personality and ideals in both negative and positive ways. This term paper discusses many analysis of Antigone through the eyes of various critics.Charles Seagal views Antigone as a character that not only fights for personal honor and glory, but for the faith she has inside of her, the faith that urges her to give a formal and proper burial to her family members no matter what. The critic points out that Antigone's choice to bury her brother and the "manner of her death"1 both "constitute a trial of her heroic nature."2 He stresses how she wants to give up her life to defend "the value of family ties."3 The author claims that Antigone strongly believes that family comes first and that her "loyalties are to the family, and to the religious usages in the proper treatment of the dead." 4 Seagal emphasizes her "stubborn, suicidal determination" 5 in defying King Creon. He shows how through the whole ordeal Antigone was strong, and even as her last moments arrive, she seems to use what little fight she has left in her to the max: "At times in her lyrical lamentation, Antigone seems on the verge of breaking down. But by her last speech, she defends her decision with her own kind of logic and with strong conviction." 6 The writer conveys her moral attitude toward life: "Her attitude is one founded on the primacy of emotion and personal ties, committed to absolute values, and informed by a feeling for the sacred." 7 He sets out the controversy which splits her life apart: "Devotion to the eternal laws of the nether world and a fascination with death." 8 The critic maintains that "death for her, holds the power and mystery of the timeless and unknown," 9 yet before she dies, "she contemplates the immediate reality of death" 10 and does not convey that of "a martyr's eagerness to die, but a keen sense of the waste and loss of her young life." 11 Charles Seagal believes Antigone is a proud young woman who is dedicated to her ethics.Dorothy Willner presents Antigone as a hero and a victim. She illustrates her determination as a hero: "Both brothers are dead and Creon is ruler of Thebes. He refuses burial to Polyneices. Disobedience to this edict will mean death. Antigone is determined to defy Creon." 12 The author insists that even in the face...

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