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Terraforming Mars For Human Habitation Essay

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Terraforming Mars is the process of purposely changing the known properties of Mars to satisfy safe human habitation. In order to do this, we would have to use a 1000-year timeline. A thousand year timeline is best because it would give humans the time needed to change the atmosphere of Mars, change the temperature of Mars, grow food, and more. In order for the terraforming process to work, humans must permanently live on Mars for. For humans to permanently live on Mars, a fuel source must be used. Fossil fuel sounds like the perfect candidate for this being that it puts out C02, a greenhouse gas. Which in turn would kill two birds with one stone because we need to warm the atmosphere anyway. But fossil fuels can’t be used on Mars because of the C02 atmosphere, but magnesium can be. Not only can magnesium be used in mars’ C02 atmosphere, it’s already on the planet.
If humans are going to live on Mars during the terraforming process, there must be water for consumption and a place to live. In the place where humans are going to live permanent there is has to be a plant growing station, or room. In this room there will be LED lights that only put off the most efficient light used by the plants. The CO2 is already on the planet; all we need now is water. To grow plants and to live, we must have fresh distilled water. Our rovers have discovered water in the soil of mars. Using an extraction technique that involves a repetition of evaporation and condensing to produce stored water. We will have plenty of water to use for consumption and growth of food. Over the 1000-year time process we will have to start changing the atmosphere of mars to make it breathable for humans. Mars’ atmosphere contains 0.15 percent oxygen, which is not nearly enough. Compared to Earths 20.95 percent atmosphere, we have along way to go. There is multiple ways of producing oxygen on mars.
The first step of changing the atmosphere of Mars is to warm it up by releasing C02 in the atmosphere. The easiest way to produce all the C02 needed is to melt the ice caps on Mars, which are composed of C02. To melt the ice caps the overall temperature of the planet would have to raise at least 5 degrees. Once you are able to do that the temperature would be just about freezing. Over time the Martian soil and polar ice caps would release chemical compounds into Mars’s atmosphere making it allot thick and warmer. Now that the temperature is up, plants can be grown to help convert all of the C02 into Oxygen.
Getting humans to Mars is actually the easiest part of terraforming Mars. There would be no change to the rockets we use now except, better communication and a modified faster rocket with a different fuel source for space travel. Before we sent humans up to Mars, all of the equipment would already be there. Huge cargo rockets would be sent to Mars with all the equipment needed to terraform it. These cargo rockets will have rovers inside them to help set up the equipment;...

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