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Terraforming Mars: This Essay Discusses The Possible Consequences, Pros, And Cons Of Terraforming Mars For Human Living

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In making the case for sending humans to explore Mars in the near future. President Bush has proposed a grand multi-billion dollar long-term project. A project, to this author, is well worth the money. To start off, I will list off a few of my reasons that I will describe more specifically later in this article. First of all, the price tag of 170 billion dollars could easily be reduced by extensive research of more energy and cost efficient technology in the 26 years to come before we actually launch. Second, the possible benefit of spin-off (The transfer of new NASA technology to U.S. consumers) is too great to ignore. The new technology that will be developed from the research for the Mars ...view middle of the document...

This engine's fuel will also not be a costly problem considering that is the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen. This is also extremely convenient considering that Mars has already been proven to have frozen water at the polar caps which could be separated into Hydrogen to be used as engine fuel, and into Oxygen which could obviously be used for breathing. This brings me to my next subject, of life resources. If we pack the ship to the brim full of life resources such as food and water and use these resources efficiently it should be enough to get us to Mars. For the trip back we could send robotic space pods full of food and water to the red planet in advance to later be picked up by the astronauts. If we do these things carefully and efficiently in the right order, I predict that we could reduce the total spending at most to 85 billion dollars, half of the original prediction.For my second reason, the benefit of spin-off, I will start off by saying that this factor is too great to ignore. In the past years NASA spin-off from space exploration has given us such marvelous technology such as the fireman's air tank that a fireman uses when he rushes into a burning house to save a crying baby. Spin-off has also provided us with the personal alarm system a pen-sized ultrasonic transmitter used by prison guards, teachers, the elderly, and disabled to call for help. This pen transmits a silent signal to a receiver that will display the exact location of the emergency. Spin-off has also provided us with many more important technologies such as, radiation hazard detectors, Doppler radar, (used for weather predictions) programmable pacemakers, voice-controlled wheelchairs, ultrasound scanners, and many many more. Where would we be without these vital technologies? Far behind is the right answer. This is why keeping NASA active in further research and exploration is critical for future human technological advancements. Imagine the technological developments we could accomplish by researching for and actually visiting Mars. The engine could be used for future cars or aircraft. New materials and metals we will discover on Mars could be used to build very strong, yet lightweight products possibly including submarines strong enough to withstand the pressure of a deep-sea trench. Or these materials could be used for building strong, stable and very tall...

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