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Terrible Aspect Essay

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However great the oppression of humankind, there will always be instances of rebellion, times when the inestimable rage of the denigrated, the dispossessed, the downtrodden will boil over in a peremptory defiance directed, if not always focused, against a world that denies them their humanity so that others might aspire to a semblance of humanity. In whatever form it takes, this rebellion is a reaffirmation of the dignity denied them by the world. It is achieved by force -- the force of will, the power of a being at once realizing and taking possession of itself. It is realized in the assertion of oneself, not by seeking control, but simply in taking control over the circumstances of one's life, effecting change, however small, in the world around oneself, realizing the profound effect a single person can have on others, on the world, with but the slightest of actions.. . .The soil of rebellion is the mind; it is there that the idea is given life; it is there that the idea takes hold. Every person reaps a different harvest. The idea roots itself in the mind and projects its limbs outward to the world where it bears its fruit. If the strength of will, the sense of purpose, the recognition of oneself dies, so too does the idea. It becomes a life unfulfilled, a dream unrealized, a revolution crushed; the once stout limbs recede and crumble, the flowers shrivel, their colors bleed away, the fruits fall prematurely and decay -- to rot, to die slowly in a sterile soil, permeated by the putrid stench of death, a feeding ground where the parasites of morality come to drink deeply, to consume, to siphon the energy that gives them life.. . .But some ideas thrive, nourished by a rare and so all the more brilliant strength of will and sense of purpose which give rise to an idea that cannot be denied, that cannot be destroyed, that cannot be controlled -- berated, it yet grows in confidence, vilified, it becomes all the more beautiful, assailed, it yet pushes forward, into a contrived reality that resists it with all the illusions of ages, which shatter and dissolve in its overwhelming presence.. . .To change the world is to change the ideas in the minds of men and women, to cultivate the soil and allow ideas to spring from the dignity and power of humanity, each idea a reflection of, not only the life which gave it birth, but also of the lives to which it gives birth.. . .So we might ask, a bit playfully at first, How do you change the world? It seems such a naive question, asked by someone lost in a hopeless, deluded, puerile optimism.. . .But it is not so naive. Changing the world is not so difficult. It needs only passion, resolve -- sometimes an irrepressible fury.. . .Then the world can change with but a simple glance.A gaze, pierces the haze and sets it all ablaze . . .The difficulty is not in changing the world. The ripples even of daily life have consequences beyond imagination. The difficulty lies in the change itself, in determining what reality to...

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