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Terrified(Short Story) Essay

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TerrifiedThis short story is called Terrified, it is written by C.B. Gilford. This title name gives readers a large attention, and this title name is very suitable for this short story, because if you were one of the characters in the story you would be a lot more than terrified. This story has four characters, Paul Santin, Vince, Arlene, which are both teenagers, about 16-18 years old, and the policeman. The main character is Paul Santin, he is the main point of this story. This story is about a person called Paul Santin, he was driving on the way back home, and then he saw a car coming towards him, the other car has this very bright lights on it, then Paul started to challenge the other car by turning on the lights too, then the other car was hogging to the centre of the road, then Paul had to make a choice that is turn left ...view middle of the document...

But at last a policeman came and found out that they were lying to him.This short story had used a point of view of a third person, this will let readers to have a clearer vision of the story, it also helps the story to be easier read. This short story started with telling about the main character Paul Santin, this will let the readers to be more easy to know about the main character, then it stared telling about he was having a very good day, and he was driving back home, trying to make it home before midnight, it started like every thing was going so well, then the author made something very sudden, the author made a car coming toward Santin, and the car have really bright lights with it, and they started to challenge each other with that car lights. This will let the readers to be more excited about the story, and this will also let the readers more wanting to find out the rest of the story.There are some high point of this story, the first one is when they both switched on their highway bright lights, and they both challenge each other with the highway bright lights, the second one is that when Paul had crashed, and the third one is that people would think that what kind of person would it be who caused this car crash accident, those three points are the climax of this short story. This story really gives the readers a feeling of terrified, because the whole story is very exciting, especially when the two teenagers were thinking how to make the accident not to be like their fault. This short story is very smoothly written, but it doesn't really have a ending; it only said that the police found out there are something wrong about the accident, and it doesn't say anything about the two teenagers and the main character Paul Santin at the ending, that won't be too good for the readers, because a story won't be good if it doesn't have a beautiful ending, and that's the only bad point of the story.

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