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Terroism Essay

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Everyone in America remembers 9/11/ in the United States it was a horrible day. Since then America has never been the same, but we cannot let that day change the way we think and act. Since the attack on September 11th, 2001 American citizens have been afraid of terrorists. The biggest contributor to this fear was 9/11, but that was not the only recent world attack. Terrorist attacks in Syria have also created fear, yet Syria is nowhere near the United States. While terrorism is definitely a threat, this concern is exaggerated.
September 11th, 2001 was the day two Boeing 767s crashed into the the World Trade Center in NYC; this day changed everything. In the United States, security in airports and borders changed, adding many new procedures. Full body scanners and security guards check every inch of travelers’ suitcases. People cannot take a soda on the plane because of safety reasons. Now these restrictions aren’t bad necessarily, just a tad annoying, but is today’s security meaningless? These searches and checks are supposed to keep us safer but are they? The truth is that these precautions have not greatly increased the safety of citizens. Instead of stopping terrorists, these security regulations have delayed businessmen, made traveling a real hassle, and unfortunately, revealed the identities of secret agents who work to keep travelers safe. These changes and restrictions were all put into place because of terrorism and attacks, but the changes have not eliminated these threats. Attacks in Syria and the death of an U.S. ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens, for example, have worried Americans. Stevens died from asphyxiation when an angry mob attacked the consulate in Benghazi (Libyan Doctor). This attack worried Americans, America has been getting involved in the problems of terrorism outside our country. Such concerns led to the death of a good ambassador, Chris Stevens. Many Americans fear our involvement in outside affairs like Syria and Libya, but as stated by Michael L. Rothschild, “What are the odds of dying on our next flight or next trip to the shopping mall?” (23). The chance of dying from anything, being in a car crash or from a disease is so much greater than a terrorist attack, There is a much higher chance to die from everyday activities than a terrorist attack, this is simple fact.
Most of this dismay has few causes, one of the most prevalent being the media. We’ve all seen it, the news with there huge headlines about attacks in other countries and bombings, and they show thin over, and over. This generates the panic and the fear that terrorists want (“The Nature of Terrorism”). They want to be feared, and the media is giving them what they want. not only that its effecting the United States people. The media shows terrorism in different countries almost everyday in the U.S. This broadcasting makes it seem that terrorism happens in our country, when it is actually very rare for the United States. Not only that, on some...

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