Terror In The Name Of Religion

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Religion causes terror which means it creates fear among people. This statement may be agreeable to many extents if one sees the present chaos of the world. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam all emerged with the purpose to bring peace in the society and to solve economic, social, political and cultural trials and tribulations of the people. Like other religions, Islam aimed to bring peace in the society, but circumstances and misinterpretations made people to consider it as a religion of terrorism. Islam is not a violent religion, yet it is associated with terrorism and violence because of sectarian divisions and misrepresentation of teachings.

One of the main reasons of defamation of Islam is sectarian. Islam did not establish with various sects or divisions rather it emerged as a religion with one God and no sects. Today Islam has various divisions and sects like Sunni, Shia, Wahabi and other extreme groups like Al-Qaeda, Taliban. The Prophet Muhammad (sm) spread Islam to establish an egalitarian society. The religion aimed to establish a peaceful society based on unity. There were no sects in Islam, but today in this modern Islamic world sects like Sunni, Shia, Sufi and many more seems to give us a deteriorated image of Islam. Like other religions Islam also got corrupted and people today are using religion as a weapon to gain their benefits. Islam experienced its first sectarian after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (sm) for succession. The division resulted in the emergence of two divisions Sunni and Shia. According to the people of Sunni group it is believed that the true successor after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (sm) should be Abu Bakr, father of the Prophet’s wife Aysha while Shiites’ people believes that the true successor should be Ali, husband of Prophet’s daughter Fatima. The two sects of Islam still have various conflicts and this internal dispute is creating chaos in the Muslim world.
Actually, Islam today is comprised of numerous sects and divisions with corrupted values and teachings which were not being preached by Prophets. Sects may completely not be a negative issue, but wrong ideologies that are being established in the sects are creating hindrances in the Muslim world. Sectarian is causing defamation in Islam and creating various problems in the socio-economic condition of the Islamic society. The author Ely states,
The numerous religious, political, socio-economic and sometimes ethnic conflicts between Sunni and Shia communities throughout the Muslim world impact on the behavior of the more radical organizations and also the supportive states players, which can use these conflicts for ideologies tactical reasons to increase the solidarity with allied groups (Sunni-Shia Divide).

Therefore, political, socio-economic, ethnic dispute impacts on the behavior of the radical organizations and also create conflicts for ideologies and theories. Thus in spite of having shared belief system still because of...

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