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Terror In The Night Essay

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It was a dark and stormy Halloween night and Sal and Jessher best friend were at Sal's house for the night to watchmovies.Knock, Knock, Knock, 'Sal, someones at the door do youwant me to answer it?', Jess yelled to Sal who was upstairsdoing her hair in the bathroom. 'Yeah Cool Jess its probablyjust some more annoying trick or treaters anyway', replied Sal.Jess got up off the couch and approached the door makingsure to peer through the peephole to see who it was. All shecould make out were two small dark figures so she guessed theywere trick or treaters. She then opened the door just enough soshe could have the latch on. 'Grrrrrrr we are the creatures fromhell', screamed the smaller of the two figures.Both the figures were dressed with a bed sheet that hadobviously been painted black and thrown over their heads withjust two tiny holes where the eyes would be. The other figurethen said 'whats it gunna be lady, trick or treat?' Jess openedthe door fully now and beckoned them to come inside. 'Justwait here', she said as she ran up the stairs and into thebathroom where Sal was still combing her hair.'Sal what should I give those two boys', asked Jess. 'I dunnogive them one of those chocolate things near the fridge', Salreplied. Jess turned and went back down the stairs into thekitchen to find the bars. 'Are you still there boys?', she yelled.But there was no reply. Jess stopped and went back to the frontdoor. To her surprise the boys had vanished and there was nosign of them. Fine she thought to herself at least it saves twomore chocolate bars for me.Suddenly Jess heard a voice but she didn't know what it saidor where it was coming from. 'Is somebody there?', Jessinquired taking a huge gulp at the same time. 'Yeah me',replied the voice in a strong tone. Arggghhhhh Jess screamedas she saw a tall man bearing a long sharp knife. Jess turnedaround and bolted back up the stairs as fast as she could.'Sal, Sal the...the...theres a huge guy with a knife downstairs',Jess stuttered. 'What are you on about Jess?', replied Sal.'Im serious Sal there's a guy with a knife downstairs and he's'gunna' kill us', shrieked Jess as the panic set in. Sal wasbegining to get worried now...

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