"Terrorism Against Women" Sept. 11, 2001

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"Terrorism Against Women"Since the atrocities of September 11, 2001, people across the world have heard an earful about the government in Afghanistan, known as the Taliban, and its radical views. Recently, it sponsored the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, whose terrorist members flew planes into and destroyed the World Trade Center and parts of the Pentagon, and ended thousands of innocent lives. Also, they hijacked a plane that later was crashed in a remote field in Pennsylvania killing all the travelers aboard. In the last three months, the United States as a whole country has gone through so much shock, suffering, and recuperating, all because of the deeds of the Al-Qaeda network and the Taliban government which has supported and harbored them for years.The victims of the September 11th attacks are not the only victims of the Taliban's cruel rule. In addition, the women of Afghanistan have endured hardships ever since the Taliban took usurped control of the government. Now women are far from equal in Afghanistan. They are beaten for performing the most venial crimes and must obey every order given to them by the men of the country. The ruling government and the men of the land treat the women as trophy pets and not human beings. The notion that women are a subservient class of temptresses, is one of radical-Islamic background and runs rampant in the Taliban hierarchy. All in all, the fashion in which the women of Afghanistan have been treated is inhumane and callous and many of these women are fortunate to be alive.The United States has recently shed a lot of light on the Taliban's human rights violations, specifically the treatment of the regime's women. One of the reasons for this is to further justify the United State's involvement in strikes against Afghanistan in the "War on Terrorism." The Taliban overthrew the previous government in 1994, and the human rights conditions have deteriorated ever since. The rights of Afghan women have gone from "poor to unbearable." (www.usnews.com)The specific abuses that the women of Afghanistan suffer every day is shocking. They have nearly no governmental rights and have many laws and codes in which to conduct their daily lives under. There have been reports of women getting beaten with bicycle chains for simply "walking too fast."(www.usnews.com) Another women who fled the country tells, "Women are not allowed to laugh out loud or do anything that will bring you a sense of happiness." Others, whose husbands died in the war against the Russians, became prostitutes to support themselves and their children. One woman rationalizes her becoming a prostitute, "you can't watch your children starve, so you leave your honor behind."One of the most unjust laws that deters the development of women in Afghanistan, is the rule that dictates that women can not attend school. Because of this law, there are many underground women schooling facilities. The Taliban considers women to be unworthy of receiving an...

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