Terrorism And Law Enforcement Essay

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TERRORISM AND LAW ENFORCEMENTLAURENCE LONGACREAMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITYCMRJ203AbstractWe live in a new world; it is a world where there is the ever growing threat of terrorism.As a result law enforcement has had to change the way it does things in order to respond tothe terrorist threat. How has law enforcement evolved in order to respond to the ever changingnature of terrorism as well as maintain the same level of protecting and serving the citizens ofThe United States. It is important that law enforcement continue to work on strategies andstrengthen capabilities as well as maintain working relationships with the local communities theyare sworn to serve. In order to do this law enforcement need to understand the changing natureor terrorism and the threats it poses and treat each threat as a crime.Prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Americans felt as if they were safe from theviolence seen on its televisions nightly, but that soon would change. The events of that daywould change policing as we know it at the local, state and federal level. It helped to create newtactics and standards for law enforcement to follow in order to prevent future terrorist attacks.One major tactic that has been implemented through all levels of government is the process ofinformation sharing. Prior to 9/11 many departments from the lowest local police department allthe way up through the chain of federal agencies to include the Federal Bureau of Investigationsand the Central Intelligence Agency kept vital information to themselves. It became apparent thatlaw enforcement agencies needed to improve their communication skills to prevent future attacksfrom happening within the United States and to our nations interests abroad. Law enforcement atthe federal level "has never fully developed a strong intelligence analysis capacity dealing withthe counterterrorism arena" (Robert, R, Novak, K, Cordner, G & Smith, B,) This lack of [1: Roberg, R., Novak, K. Cordner, G., & Smith, B., 2012, p. 510-11, "Police & Society", February, 11, 2011.]information sharing forced then President George W. Bush to form the Department ofHomeland Security (DHS) who was now charged with cultivating and implementing plans tohelp regulate and prepare law enforcement with the task of avoiding possible threats to ournation.The new strategy implemented by the Department of Homeland Security gives local lawenforcement directives to establish stronger personnel relationships with existing departmentsof law enforcement at the federal level to facilitate with improved information sharing. After9/11, many of the federal and state agencies already in place were restructured in order to bettermeet the needs of the DHS. A result of this intelligence led policing was developed in orderto confront any issues and is a method that is intended to recognize the dangers that terrorismposes as well as a means to produce more effective strategies in order to remove any threats.Local law...

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