Terrorism And Terrorist Motivations Essay

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“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?”
― Howard Zinn

This essay seeks to take on a discussion on the subject of terrorism, trying to note out the factors that drive and cause it. The structure will be such that thus; first given will be a background origination of the theory, and then a definition will be given. Following in the body the motivating factors will be discussed also giving light on the effects of terrorism and after the lengthy discussion the paper will reach a termination by outlining possible majors that can remedy the situation. This phenomenon has a historic background and it’s a sensitive issue in humanity today as it has the world combating it with all it has. Most people curse terrorism as an unnecessary evil but those in its support usually quote that one man’s terrorist is ones man’s hero or freedom fighter. Terrorism can be traced back to the 1800’s during the Napoleonic wars when there was great power suppression; it flows into the 1900’s when theories like globalization began to be prominent. During this period also there was the occurrence of World War 1 and fights broke out when states wanted to gain their independence, self determination. From the 1970’s to date and future the theory of terrorism has been encouraged by improvements in information technology, globalization and the US systematic leadership, patrol-client ties. Globalization making the world borderless has make combating this phenomenon difficult and more advanced technologies have gapped the distance between states.
Defining Terrorism
The word ‘terrorism’ is used frequently and universally, but in all its uses it does not refer to the same thing because its meaning is becoming too highly pejorative; it’s a badge which denotes a lack of legitimacy and morality. In simple terms, one can say terrorism is a technique of warfare that is as old as human society (Okumu & Botha, 2007). Some of the activities that have been canvassed under this term include assassinations, kidnappings and bombings. The meaning of the term is historically contingent, and the activities it describes may stem from political, religious, social, cultural, economic or environmental factors. Even global norms such as the right to self-determination have given rise to terrorism as discussed above.
There are many terrorist organizations and they differ widely in their goals, strategies and tactics. Examples here are the goals and tactics of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, which has been in existence since the mid-1980s, are quite different from those of al-Qaeda’s supporters who destroyed the American diplomatic missions in Kenya and Tanzania in August 1998. Also different labels have been used in the past to describe what is now called terrorism: insurgency, guerilla war, revolutionary war and subversive war. Terrorist also mainly seek to intimidate a people, society, state or government so that they give in to their...

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