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Terrorism And The Apocalypse Essay

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My morning routine in high school was pretty simple, I would get up get ready and go to the subway to catch the train to get to school. However after the events of September 11th took place I started noticing something. The media was warning people to be more cautious of people and watch out for terrorists. Basically what they were saying was 'look out for anyone with brown skin they might have a bomb'. I really didn't pay any notice to these warnings and I figured neither would other people. This was not the case I found that some people upon seeing my walk into the train would tense up and start sneaking glances at me. Did they really think I had a bomb? I was shocked and angered to see this sort of racial profiling but I couldn't really blame the people themselves it wasn't entirely their fault. The blame falls upon media and their consistent images and news articles of terrorists. Thanks to them when we think of terrorists we automatically think of Islamic people blowing themselves up. However the thought rarely occurs to us that individuals who aren't Arabic and Muslim can be terrorists too. As fundamentalism exists in the world of Islam so too does it exists in Christianity. Now a days our media has been inundated with chatter of fundamentalism but few people clearly understand what fundamentalism really is and where it stems from. Fundamentalism is an extreme belief in one's religion, in which the religious text is taken literally and the individual is intolerant of other views and opposed to secularism. The majority of fundamentality belief is rooted in the apocalypse and the destruction of man kind, known as endism. As described by Charles Strozier in his book Apocalypse on the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America, endism in the Christian sense is the "renewal through ultimate violence and God's cleansing of earth, through faith rewarded and evil punished, and most of all through the miraculous return of Jesus." It is this headstrong belief if endism and the apocalypse that has become the justification of fundamentalists to use violence. Beliefs in fundamentalism and endism are not reserved for only Christianity and the use of religious violence is not committed solely by Islamic fundamentalists. The Army of God is a Christian fundamentalist group that operates in America and in many ways is similar to the Islamic fundamentalist group of Al Qaeda (Strozier 153-155).Terrorism, kidnapping and executing of innocent individuals this is the common news that we hear from the Middle East, but could such atrocities be taking place on our own soil? The answer is yes, as surprising as it might seem groups do exist in America that commit acts which have been deemed to be terrorism. What might be even more surprising is that these groups are Christian and use the Bible to justify what they do. The group which has gained the most fame in America is the Army of God. The group is consists of individuals who are against abortion. However unlike...

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