Terrorism Groups Can Use Chemical Agents In Future To Creat More Terror Amongst The Pepole Class X Essay

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1. Today Al Qaeda is the strike arm of Islamic militant action and they have taken it upon themselves to be the true savior of the faith and stand up to the mighty. They have succeeded in becoming the No.1 Terror Group in the world. What separates them from the standard militant is the meticulous plg and exec. The allure of the Nuclear bomb is in part the media effect and the tremendous bargaining power it would leverage to this group. Although a Nuclear terrorist attack has not yet taken place in the world, but preparations for the same are very much on.
2. To show the chronological and systematic efforts made by militant group Al Qaeda for a Nuclear Bomb.
3. The Report is organized in the given method.
a) Justification for the Bomb
b) Chronological sequence of events in procuring the items for the Bomb
(i) 1998 - 2000
(ii) 2000 - 2005
(iii) 2005 - Till Dt
4. A Militant is not just a crazed fanatic who is willing to die. He has his perception about the world and this matters as his subsequent actions can be predicted. To this end the Justifications for possesing the bomb are.
(a). As military weapon—wield the effects of a super bomb
(b). Achieve state status in power and prestige- fulfill aspirations of a state or group
(c). To control events, rectify perceived grievances, and change the course of history
(d). Acquisition of nuclear weapons is a religious duty, to achieve specific ends
(e). Participate in religious prophecy by dispensing judgment; bring about “end of times”
1998- 2000
5. 1988 Al Qaeda was founded by Osama bin Ladin. Key founding members include Jamal Fadl, Abu Ayoub al Iraqi, Abu Ubaidah al Banshiri, Dr. Abdel Moez, Ayman al Zawahiri, Abu Faraj al Yemeni, Dr. Fadhl el Masry, Abu Burhan, Al Khabir, Mohammed Luay Bayazid (who served as the group’s note taker)
6. Late 1993-Early 1994 Al Qaeda tries to acquire uranium in Sudan to use in a nuclear device. This is the earliest evidence that Osama bin Ladin made a decision sometime after the first bombing of the World Trade Center to purchase nuclear material in order to construct a crude nuclear device, also known as an “improvised nuclear device” (IND). Jamal al-Fadl, who defected from al Qaeda in 1996 and became an FBI/CIA source, testifies in a New York court in 2001 that Mohamed Loay Bayazid and former Sudanese President Saleh Mobruk were involved in a transaction to help al Qaeda acquire uranium, supposedly of South African origin. He based his testimony on the inscription on a container that purportedly contained the material. Fadl, who said he did not see the nuclear material inside the container, provides testimony that he heard later the uranium, which al Qaeda acquired for $1.5 million and was tested in Cyprus, was “genuine.”
7. 1996 Ayman Zawahiri, emir of the Egyptian...


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