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Terrorism During The 9/11 Attack And Afterwards

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Over the many years the earth has existed so has violence, extremely dangerous forms of violence known as terrorism are very prominent today. Terrorism has been around since separate nations were created long ago; these nations fought over who was the strongest or who had the right viewpoint or even over who should control certain lands. Though most everyone has heard about some form of terrorist activity during their lifetime, it was brought to the forefront of every American citizen’s mind after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the world trade center. After these attacks the whole country was looking for security, a reassurance that an event like this would not happen again.
Terrorism has many different definitions, ranging from simple acts of criminal behavior to extreme behavior that causes harm to many people, all of these definitions depend on who you ask and their opinion on the subject. According to the book Terrorism and Counterterrorism by Russell Howard, “terrorism can be defined as being; ineluctably political in aims and motives, violent, designed to have psychological repercussions, be conducted by groups with ideological aims, and be perpetrated by a subnational group or non-state entity.” Terrorist attacks can cause irreparable damage not only to the people involved but to others who were not directly impacted. People directly impacted by these attacks may include family of people who were killed or a person who was actually at the scene of the attack and was injured. Because of the many deaths caused by terrorist attacks many people may be emotionally or mentally injured, meaning that even if they were not present during the attack or were not directly impacted, they may have serious emotional and mental side-effects. Attacks of this kind impact a whole nation by causing them to realize that even with the most powerful government, acts that cause the deaths of many people can still be perpetrated.
There are many types of terrorism, some of which include; internet, biological, and chemical; all of which can be potentially devastating to a nation. Terrorism may be enacted from a remote location or be suicidal. A suicide terrorist willingly claims their own life and kills many others while doing so, usually because they think they are satisfying some godlike entity. “Law enforcement claims that in previous decades it was much easier to recognize a suicide terrorist because they kept their usual weapons of choice, explosives, in backpacks or duffel bags, now however they hide these explosive beneath their clothing making them much harder to discern (Howard).” With suicide terrorists not being identified easily it cannot be surprising to anyone that so many of these attacks occur.
“It has become increasingly evident in the post-September 11 environment that reliance on deterrence alone to forestall threats to U.S. homeland security from non-state actors is problematic at best (Viotti 123).” Deterrence alone cannot be relied...

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