Terrorism's Effects On The World Essay

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Terrorism's Effects on the World

Ethnic conflicts arise everyday among people in society. Although problems between the populace have changed in the present generation, ethnic issues have been apparent since the beginning of time. Some of the modern cultural conflicts can range from terrorism to religious wars. Terrorism has been a predicament throughout the entire world ever since the day man was created. It seems to be the answer to many leaders’ issues with “foreign” people. Not only is terrorism harmful itself in many ways, it causes new problems that worsen every situation. For example, terrorism is presently forcing many countries around the world, including the United States, to change their life styles, political processes, and even their economic values as a reaction to the threats.
     Although terrorism begins in one particular area, it seems to spread to other regions as well, even though not exactly to the same extent. For example, in the United States, there were consecutive bombings and suicide attacks during a short period of time. Considering that this causes paranoia, other countries began to create new laws and restrictions in order to protect its people, even though the attacks weren’t necessarily focused towards that specific region. As an immediate response to the terrorism, the United States government changed in many ways, from restricting the citizens’ rights, to ending certain public activities, up to restricting entrance into certain buildings. The government even began to limit the media. Similarly to the United States, on September 22nd, the Russian parliament was debating on which possible new restrictions and laws can be enforced in order to “guarantee” better national security.
New laws in the United States, such as the right to declare a “state of war ,” make the country seem as if it has more power than neighboring areas, helping to comfort any fearful, or paranoid, citizens. Terrorism, as well as other ethnic conflicts, has even caused the people of Asia-Pacific countries to create new laws in reaction to the threats, simply because they became intimidated. An article in the Financial times stated that it is trying to boost their “political momentum” behind the battle of terrorism, promising to take practical steps to improve their co-operation . New laws were being considered, due to the fear and security levels of both the government and it’s people.
     Ethnic conflict had led to many negative setbacks in societies throughout the entire world. One of the main points of change resulting from terrorism is the political and governmental procedures and laws. An excellent example of direct change would be the way that the United States has restricted previously existing laws that citizens must now get used to following. For example, security at different locations such as the White House, the Empire State Building, or even airports has become drastically heavier than what it used to be during periods...

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