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TERRORISMFollowing the dramatic events of September 11, 2001, the issue of terrorism has become a permanent actor in the daily amphitheater of international politics. Every American should realize what terrorism entails, especially after 9/11. Whether or not we understand the proper meaning of terrorism, it has become a large, terrifying part of our society today.To clarify things, the scientific definition of terrorism is "the use of intimidation, coercion, threats, and violent attacks to achieve the objectives of an individual or of a group" (Parrillo, 2002, p.261). The methods used in terrorism include threats, bombings, the destruction of property, kidnapping, and the taking of hostages, executions, and assassinations. Terrorist actions may be committed by a single individual, a certain group, or even governments. Most terrorists claim to be dedicated to higher causes. (Kushner, 2003)The term terrorism has also been consistently considered as the "poor man's warfare" or asymmetric warfare in which state and non state adversaries avoid direct engagement with military forces. Instead, they devise and carry out strategies, tactics, and weapons to exploit perceived weaknesses. As a result of the September 11, 2001attacks, other concepts have been advanced to characterize terrorism including; 'act/acts of war', 'war crimes', 'crimes against humanity', and 'crimes against peace'. (Kushner, 2003)Terrorism is not a new concept. In fact, terrorism has been practiced throughout history and throughout the world in all its different forms. Roman emperors such as Tiberius (reigned AD 14-37) and Caligula (reigned AD 37-41) used banishment, expropriation of property, and execution as means to discourage opposition to their rule.The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist organization was formed by defiant Southerners after the American Civil War (1861-65). In the latter half of the 19th century, terrorism was adopted by adherents of anarchism in Western Europe, Russia, and the United States. They believed the best way to effect revolutionary political and social change was to assassinate persons in position of great power.Great changes are seen in the use and practice of terrorism in the 20th century. With the use of automatic weapons and compact electronically detonated explosives terrorists have become more mobile, which is not a good thing for the people being attacked. (I.P.I., 2002) These advancements have made it much easier for the terrorists to terrorize. They no longer have to get up close and personal with their victims and risk their own safety. With the help of technology, they can stay a safe distance from the action and still get the job done correctly.Acts of terrorism have made a huge impact on America, as well as other countries, in the last 2 years. The 9/11 attacks were the first time America was attacked on its own soil since Pearl Harbor. What happened on 9/11 will never be forgotten by any American or the rest of the world. The tragic events that...

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2434 words - 10 pages Ustinov, Actor)The pattern being seen today is one in which the topic of terrorism automatically insinuates involvement of peoples from the eastern countries. This pattern that is emerging may have some implications when trying to combat terrorism from its roots. In an interview with Abu Bakar Bashir (Insight, SBS, 9 March 2004), the leader of Jamaal Islamiah, made a poignant comment, he said, "we are defending Islam and through their actions

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2208 words - 9 pages , religion, faith and discipline therefore, every region is being effected • General Zia ul haq and General Pervaiz Musharaff's policy of friendship with America is the reason why the country is still in the phase of military war. Today, the whole country is a victim of terrorism and our politicians are the puppets of America. As they run the politics by the power of 'DOLLARS' provided by America. Taliban , AL-Qaeda, Afghanistan, Indian agencies, C.I.A

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