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Terrorist Organizations Worldwide Essay

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Terrorism is an international problem, which includes more than terrorist acts. It includes sabotage, destruction of property, efforts to injure, efforts to kill, propaganda that attempts to justify violence, intimidation, and threats. However, terrorism is defined as "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives," by the FBI (The Terrorism Research Center). Most terrorism is blind in that its acts are not meant distinctively for civilians, servicemen, or politicians. Thus terrorism can be deleterious to all people, regardless of religion, creed, age, gender, or social status.
The approaching millenium brings even more terrorist acts than ever due to the fact that the millenium is thought to be the Apocalypse. Satan, the Christian version of the Devil, and its counterparts are prophesized to roam the earth after the Apocalypse. Some terrorists think that they are trying to prepare this world for them. Even though this group numbers few, the destruction its members cause is quite large-scale.
Currently, there are over 90 major terrorist organizations worldwide, making terrorism a very urgent ever-growing problem. However, the number of counterrorist organizations varies from nation to nation. Even though most nations have counterrorist special operations forces (SOFs), they usually are undermanned, lacking in training, and underequipped (Special There are some exceptions to this generalization though. Israel and Thailand both have high-tech SOFs that are very successful at their designated tasks. This generalization is also not true of the United States and other world powers, such as Great Britian, Russia, and China.
In the United States, there are eight major SOF units. They are: the U.S. Navy Special Warfare Units; the U.S. Army Special Operations Units, the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Units, the U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations-Capable Units, the Joint Special Operations Command Units also known as (aka) JSOC Units; SFOD-D aka "Delta Force", Task Force 160 aka "Night Stalkers", and DEV Group aka "SEAL Team Six" (Special These various SOF units all have distinct areas in which they specialize and have precedence in. Yet, most of these units work together in order to eliminate the possibility of mistakes and to lessen the burden of the task.
Even though these SOF units are very successful, the United States government can do much more to combat terrorism. Present counterterrorist legislation is much too lax for the Computer Age, in that it does not account for security measures pertaining to all areas and events where masses of people gather. The U.S. government should make new staunch comprehensive legislation in order to successfully deal with terrorist activities within the United States and its territories and protectorates (Security...

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