Terry Goodkinds Book, "The Naked Empire"

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Naked Empire"The incandescent, white-hot inferno roared by just overhead. Once past Richard and his men, it descended, crashing down among the enemy soldiers, spilling a flood of liquid death out among them." In the novel Naked Empire, Terry Goodkind demonstrates his uncanny ability to induce an unending amount of action, supply multiple stories that all unfold at once, and defines his characters so well that the reader often feels as if they have known each character their whole life."On his way past her, gritting his teeth as he screamed with the fury of the attack begun, Richard took a powerful swing, lopping off the woman's head and upraised arm. Strings of blood and gore splashed across the faces behind her even as some still chanted their empty words. The head and loose arm tumbled through the crowd. A man made the mistake of reaching for Richard's weapon, and took the full weight of a charging thrust." This is merely one example of the action that is packed into this roller coaster ride of a novel. Richard Rhaul the main character, often finds himself exhausted from the endless effort of saving the Midlands and his loved ones from the evil juggernaut known as the Imperial Order. Outrageously outnumbered by the enemy in his quest to save the Midlands, Richard and his faithful followers overcome impossible feats in attempt to halt the invasion of the sadistic Imperial Order. Like the scene described above, Terry Goodkind also has the uncanny ability to have multiple stories unravel at once, and keep each one just as intriguing as the next."The world ignited with a brilliant white light. An instant later a thunderous blast rocked the ground. A wall of debris followed, driven before a roar of noise. Men were blown into the air. Some were cut down by flying wreckage. The elite guards that escorted them tumbled through the air over Zedd." While...

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