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Tesla Electric Cars: Leading The Way In Luxury, Performance And A Cleaner Future

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Tesla electric vehicles from Tesla Motors are gaining a reputation as the cars of the future. These models are not only known for their luxury features, acceleration, power, and nearly silent electric engines, but also for their green appeal. Individuals who can afford the hefty price tag are purchasing these vehicles because they are classy, fun to drive, and better for the environment than the standard gasoline car. Tesla Motors are leading the way in innovation in the American car industry with their Tesla electric models.
Tesla Motors is an American car company named in honor of the groundbreaking electrical engineer and physicist, Nikola Tesla. The company was founded by Elon Musk, a 42 ...view middle of the document...

"It's the very best car I've ever driven," says the magazine’s director, Jake Fisher, in February, 2014.
Tesla models are becoming increasingly sought after as evidence by the companies’ current average stock of approximately $180 a share in the United States. Musk also proclaims his ambitious intention to deliver 35,000 Tesla electric vehicles worldwide in 2014 alone. 100 power stations called Superchargers are already spread out across North America, Europe and Asia with another 200 to be added by year's end (Ener D1).
Tesla models could indeed be the future car of choice for the average car buyer, but for now they are familiar to the wealthy as top-performers known for their innovative class and quality. In England and Canada, prices for Tesla vehicles can range anywhere from 92,000 pounds to $124,770 in Canada (Griffiths 42) (Ener D1). Musk is looking for ways to make the vehicles more affordable, but for now he is not willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. Consider the Nissan Leaf selling at $40,000 which achieves a limited performance range of 135 km when compared with the Tesla Model S that comes loaded with an impressive 500 km range (Ener D1).
Musk created Tesla Motors not just for sales, but on the principle of a better future. Through the use of cleaner and more efficient energy...

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