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Test Essay

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Secretary of State Colin Luther Powell firstly refused to believe the horror stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and subsequently refused to go to the UN with these weird accusations. Powell was under persistent pressure from the Pentagon and the White House to include doubtful intelligence in his report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The first draft contained so much questionable material that Powell lost his temper. He threw several pages of this report up in the air and shouted: “I’m not reading this, this is bullshit!”

As Powell did not trust the Bush administration, they had to find someone else to give the ‘facts’ to him. Vice-President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld came up with the idea to pass it through Britain and Tony Blair – personal cover name: ‘Poodle’. Rumsfeld: “Yes, he ‘will tell’ that story, he wants to be important!” And Cheney added: “Sure, Bambi (political nickname for the inexperienced, saucer-eyed Blair) is from Scotland, they like us, and moreover, he will drag the UK into this as well.”
America is not only the dreamland of adventurers, actors or poor peasants from Sicily, but occasionally even a British Prime Minister would rush over the political one-way bridge across the pond and bow and scrape to be recognized as important in this powerful country. From Downing Street to the White House – from rags to riches. When Tony Blair talked about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co., he used to say to friends: “I wish I were in their gang!”

Not only Tony is longing for Wonderland. The strings of the royal purse are getting looser and allow bigger spending when there is an occasion for HM the Queen to visit the horse farms in Kentucky.

Anyway, Anthony Charles ‘Lienton’ Blair was so convinced and impressed by the preliminary work of the Pentagon that he not only gave credence to the story, but he added his own anecdotal details. Tony Blair, the former guitarist and lead singer of the student band ‘Ugly Rumours’ (the name says it all), had written the lyrics to this cock and bull ballad so well that it all went back to the USA and captivated US State Secretary Colin Luther Powell so much that he became unwittingly one of the biggest liars ever before the UN, benignly referring to the ‘fine paper’ that the United Kingdom has distributed.

Blair gave a splendid example as to how legends develop. He had absolutely no evidence in support of the story that the Americans had sold him. When he replayed the version, he not only gave non-existing weapons of mass destruction a real existence, but these imaginary weapons of mass destruction became a frightening threat “second to nought”, as Tony, the worst export ever from Scotland to England, put it. But that’s not all. Tony Blair made another scary point to the world about these non-existent weapons of mass destruction: “They can be ready in 45 minutes!” This had even impressed some of the skeptics among the American public.

The transformation of...

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