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One trend described by DeBell, is the increasing presence of the dual worker. More than half of the U.S. Labor market is made up of women and an increasing amount of them are mothers. As a working parent, finding access to an on the job daycare, or job sharing is difficult. Benefits are also struggling and half of the American workers are not covered by the Family & Medical leave Act. Although working parents do find a struggle with these situations there is a positive change to having more dual role workers. Most workplaces will provide more flexible options, like working from home. However, this doesn’t really apply to people who are working in the unskilled labor force, or are in manufacturing.
Technology is another trend mention in the article. In the article technology is seen as unpredictable and how the future of work will be. Technology can be seen in a positive way because it is allowing more opportunities for people to work and they can be more flexible. It allows us to connect with all over the world. This new idea introducing a “virtual work” would make it easier for people to do their job. However, in the article technology is almost portrayed as a negative thing. The article discusses that while it is good to have technology advancing, it also discusses the downsides. Technology could become so advanced that it will eventually take the place of humans in all aspects of work.
The article in general discusses how the future world of work is going to be promising for workers who are willing to be flexible. The changes in the workplace have had an impact on the expectations regarding life roles like parenting, partnering, even geography with things like globalization and technology.

2. Rudman and Musher conducted a study that looked at how people viewed men who asked for family leave and if it was seen as a feminine quality. Participants in the study were taken to a private cubicle with a computer. They were told that the study involved reading about an interview that took place between an employee, Mr. Dowd, and a human resources officer. After they are given the background information, the computer program randomly selects one of eight versions of the interview that the participant reads and then answers questions regarding the interview.
The researchers manipulated the interview by creating different scenarios for why Mr. Dowd would be meeting with the HR representative. In one condition he asks for 12 weeks of intermittent leave in order to care for his daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia and going through chemotherapy. Another condition in which he again asked for 12 weeks of intermittent leave was to care for his mother who had recently been widowed and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers also had two control scenarios in which Mr. Dowd wanted to talk to the representative about asking for more hours to increase his chances of a promotion or he just wanted to ask about his dental plan. The...

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