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Test Of A Hero Essay

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is poem that displays many qualities that are still used in modern time. Other readers may disagree; however, there are many supporting examples to back this statement. These aspects can relate and teach students no matter how old the text may be. Why should students be required today to read this work of literature? It enables students to build a foundation off the fundamentals of courage, temptation, and honesty.
One of the first noticeable qualities displayed in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight would be courage. Each person in life has a reputation and tries to uphold it. The first example shown in the poem would be when the Green Knight rides in and challenges the bravest knight to a game. If no one would have stepped up and accepted this challenge they would have all had the reputation as a coward. Testing his bravery, “Gawain, with the weapon, walked towards the warrior, and they stood face-to-face, not one man afraid.” Gawain showed a lack of fear as he approached the Green Knight. Courage, from his actions, could have been seen all around the room. Gawain did stand up and he accepted the challenge handed down by the Green Knight and he was from then on known as a brave and also a strong knight.
The next topic that was made noticeable would be none other than temptation portrayed throughout the poem. There are many temptations that Sir Gawain had to go through on his journey to play his part in the game presented by the Green Knight. The main temptations were offered unto him when he stayed with Bercilak and his wife. When Bercilak would go out hunting for food his wife tried multiple times to seduce Sir Gawain. She would sneak in his room and wake him up and each day she asked for one more kiss and Sir Gawain had to share his gifts he received with Bercilak which included the kisses he received. No matter how hard the wife tried to tempt him he would stay courteous...

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