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Lesson 4 ProjectOfficers ReportOn January 11, 2003 at 9:08 am ET. I received a phone call from Jane Doe who said "her and her daughter, Jane Doe 2, would like to come down to the station and have a privet talk with a police officer as soon as possible." I said "No problem." She stated she would be right down. Around 4:26 ET. Jane Doe and little Jane Doe 2 arrived at the station. I took them back to my office and asked, " What was wrong?" Jane Doe began by talking about her husband has been molesting her daughter Jane Doe 2 and she did not know what to do. Jane Doe seemed very scared and started to cry. I then told her to come down everything is going to be all right. She said, "She didn't want to press charges against her husband because she loves him very much." But, she has to do something to put a stop to this for her daughter's sake and other children's sake too. The eledged molester was a bus driver for Southwestern Elementary School. I then asked, "Do you think he is doing the same thing to them?" She answered I'm not sure. I new right then that something has to be done about this as soon as possible. I then asked Jane Do "What evidence do you have that your husband has molested your daughter?" She told me that her daughter Jane Doe 2 was having trouble in school her grades were going down and she was losing all of here friends and becoming very anti-social. Then last night I asked here what was wrong and she told me that daddy John Doe was touching her at night while she was trying to sleep and she doesn't know what to do anymore because he won't stop. I then asked Jane Doe 2"Is that true?" She told me yes and that she just wants daddy John Doe to stop. Jane Doe 2 seemed very shy and disoriented from what has happened to her you could tell there is something wrong with her just by looking at her. I told her not to worry and everything will be ok. I urged Jane Doe to fill out this paper work so we could have a talk with her husband. She was hesitant but I told her she would be doing this for her daughter and all the other children that could be affected from this man. She then said "ok." So after filling out the paper work I told Jane Doe that a detective would be questioning your husband sometime tomorrow. I will contact you tomorrow with the results. The report was then sent to the Detective Bureau for a follow up investigation on the suspect.Detective's Follow Up ReportOn January 12, 2003 I was assigned this case for a follow up investigation. I started this investigation by conducting a criminal background check on the defendant John Doe by using NCIC. John Doe's criminal record showed one count of assault and battery, one count of breaking and entering also an automobile related charge of reckless driving. Also he spent 6 months in the Army before being discharged for constant headaches that he claimed to have. Next, I called the Southeastern Elementary School were the defendant John Doe worked to talk to his supervisor. His supervisor...

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