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Experiment Number Three Essay

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For my last experiment for this class I wanted to do something that took me out of my element and have to do this experiment gave me the chance to do something really fun and amusing. My experiment is that I will wear an onesie, which are pajamas that are all connected. To describe my onesie I will first tell you about the feet, they have Santa on then and then the rest is all red and it zips up in the front. The theological perspective that my experiment emphasis is Conflict theory. Conflict Theory emphasizes conflict, competition and change, and constraint within a society. An example in my experiment is wearing the onesis highlights change within a society. Also it could be seen as social dynamics. Social dynamics are defined as the study of social change. An example would be in wearing an onesis to highly populated places I am changing socially. Normally people dress in the latest fashion and stay within the norms of the society. Norms are rules defining approprote behavior and inappropriate behaviors. An example is it is seen inappropriate to some people to dress out of “style”. I am using macrosociology. Macrosociology focuses on groups in observing. An example would be me looking for people’s reactions in the different stores.
I will conduct my experiment in three places that should have different races and sex. Race is defined as a category of people who are alleged to share certain biologically inherited physical characteristics that are considered socially important within a society. And example would be I have look to see if race matter in judgments, like if an African American would be quick to laugh in my face or if an White person would. Sex is defined as the biological distinction between male and female. An example is women are more likely to hide their true reaction till you can not see them, and men are more likely to show there reactions right then and there. What I hope to accomplish is to observe different people reactions to my outfit and see of race and gender matter.
Conducting my experiment was difficult because even for me I felt like I would get stereotyped. A stereotype is ideas based on distortion, exaggeration, and oversimplification that are applied to all members of a social category. An example would be since i'm wearing an onesis people could see me as weird or socially unstable. I had a friend write down all the gestures that she witnessed as I acted casually. Gestures are facial expiration, body movement, or posture carrying culturally defined and shared symbolic meanings. Some example of gestures that I obtained were people rolling their eyes, laughing, giggling and trying to avoid eye contact with me. I made a table chart...

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