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Test Testings Essay

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Some of the critical requirements which needed to be addressed while creating a DR Plan and Business Continuity solution are as follows:
a. The DR plan document should have a list of all the assets which are critical for business continuity
b. RTO – The DR plan document also need to specify the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) which is the timeline required to bring back the system back from the disaster condition to normal condition.
c. Affordability – The DR plan also need to provide the resource estimates (money, manpower and infrastructure) which are required to combat disaster.
d. The DR plan document should also focus on the periodic DR testing (DR Drill) which will ensure ...view middle of the document...

The scope of the project was to plan, execute and implement a business continuity solution during an event of a disaster. Following are the critical activities and included in the scope of the project.
a. The scope of the project included forming of the team and establishing a proper organizational chart with the team members and their responsibilities.
b. The scope also included the identification of a suitable IT solution and infrastructure required to provide a fall back during an even of disaster so that the business continues.
c. The testing plan was also a very important part of the scope of this project. Using this test plan, the periodic testing is supposed to be conducted in future.
d. The training plan was important part of the project scope, based on which the awareness on various the disaster situations and their recovery plans were provided. Such training calendar and activities would also form a part of the project scope.
Following are the assumptions which were considered while designing the disaster recovery plan:
a. The first and the foremost assumption was that the top management should be convinced about the requirement of a disaster recovery plan and would approve the required budget needed for creating a disaster recovery plan, infrastructural setup and implementation of a business continuity solution. Management support was assumed to be there throughout the project life cycle.
b. The next assumption which was considered is that the secondary site would be located in a different city which will be safe and will not be subjected to any natural calamity like flood, earthquake, typhoons etc. and has all the immunity and is safe in terms of any manmade disasters like terrorism, hooliganism etc.
c. Another assumption that was also considered is that adequate number of manpower resources will be made available during the disaster recovery process and disaster recovery testing. Without adequate manpower, the activities of disaster recovery processes cannot be completed.
Project Phases
There were three major phases for this...

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