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Analyzing With Embodied Interaction Essay

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The use of EN (Figure 1) could be analyzed specifically using Embodied Interaction. The EN technique is a derivative of the Embodied Interaction to the extent of physical and social interaction context. The whole body is involved in the design process. In fact, it could be said that the work with children is more than their verbalizations. Thus, their behavior and representation of knowledge is expressed in different ways. EN applies “the use of design performance”, in which children are understood in the mid of a complex setting and the quality of the experience is acquired as a whole. In this context, some aspects presented in this theory are highlighted:
1.Social Computing: This means the application of social methods, such as ethnographic approach, to recognize patterns in the accomplishment of some activity with a purpose. It could be perceived at the EN, in the use of situated creativity in familiar settings. The ideas that children came up with are produced mainly due to the exploration of their environment. Thus, not only is what they did discovered but also what children experienced during their explorations.
2.Tangible Computing: In order to address a broader range of tactical and physical skills, that principle deals with the idea that several inherent skills could be “captured” by interacting with the physical objects. In this sense in EN, children remembered and replayed the embodied experiences with objects, places and movements.
3.Embodiment – This concept is more related to participation in daily activities than physical reality. In this sense, performing perception is used as an everyday experience. In other words, instead of presenting a supposition to children, it is represented as performative in their daily practice. The objects have to “tell a story”.
In fact, although it is true that EN was created with strong relation with Embodied Interaction theory, in the Experienced-Centered Design this technique has also based.
For Experienced-Centered Design dialogue and connected knowledge play important roles. The former can be identified in the teams work. The second can be seen in the personal experiences of the children or other close associations such as friendship. The value of narrative can be seen at the storyboarding presentation. The children also discuss “why” some objects or behaviors are used and in what context they are being considered. It shows the “dialogue” and the “knowledge”. Children’s experiences and the new ideas that come from the discussion can lead to new design insights. The qualitative approaches of EN address some recommendations of this theory in which the researchers can go together with the children, participating in the process and mainly in the dialogues. Some aspects presented in this theory are highlighted:
1.Experience as social – There are three aspects that Experienced is focused upon. First, it is the evaluation...

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