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Testicular Cancer: Diagnosis And Treatment Essay

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When a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer, the first think that comes to his mind is death. Later, sadness, desperation and negation are the most common reactions takes over him and his whole family. Several questions about the disease and treatment arisen, as the illness is getting further examined. However, this is only the start of a long journey to beat the illness. As part of the difficult process, is an important decision is to make: to choose or not an orchiectomy surgery procedure. Orchiectomy is surgery to remove one or both testis, and it is most often done to treat testicular cancer. In general, all testicular patients get the orchiectomy surgery because the surgery extirpates the cancer cells decreasing the risk of spreading carcinogenic cells, is a safe minor outpatient surgery, and most important, the cure rates of testicular cancer are very high. Regardless the cancer stage or other types of treatment being ...view middle of the document...

By doing this simple procedure, the doctors can collect sample of cells and examine then under the microscope to determinate the type of the cancer and the stage and analyze to see if it needs any other types of treatment. This procedure usually takes less than an hour.
Furthermore, the orchiectomy works very well having high success rate of testicular cancer. This procedure is the most effective way to remove cancerous tumors of the testicles and in some cases the only treatment a patient need. The orchiectomy surgery offers the best chance of cures, with 95% cure rates after three years. The orchiectomy procedure dramatically improved the survival rate for patients
Nevertheless, there are arguments that orchiectomy might not be the best option and might raise concerns within men. One of the concerns is the psychological side effects of the surgical procedure. The removal of one or both testis is a devastating factor for men. The bias thoughts of getting rid of men’s virility might question orchiectomy treatment. Besides the fear of losing the manhood, there are other concerns like infertility or the fear of not having a normal sexual life are among the principal worries.
The belief is that after orchiectomy, men cannot lead a normal sexual life. Also, men may be concerned that losing a testicle will affect their ability to have sexual intercourse or make them sterile; however, this is not completely true. When only one testicle is removing, the healthy testicle can still produce sperm. In addition, the surgery does not affect the man’s ability to have an erection or an orgasm, but the procedure can cause issues with fertility. Still, there are many options should be consider in case of infertility, like freezing sperm before surgery to be a father in the future.
Regardless the cancer stage, cancer type, or age, orchiectomy is not an option to opt out. The orchiectomy procedure is a crucial part of the process of combating testicular cancer. Overall, orchiectomy surgery avoids the spread of cancer cells, is safe and minor surgery and its helps increase the patient’s life expectation. It is no longer about an esthetics question or of pleasing, is a matter of life and death.

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