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Testing And Maintenance Of Disaster Recovery Plans

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Uncertainty lies in business environments due to impromptu occurrences of a crisis, which may cause an unknown amount of damages to an organization. A crisis is an unpredictable negative incident or situation that may cause varying amounts of damage to an organization’s reputation, financial standings, and/or operational disruptions (Coombs, 2008; Valackienė & Virbickaitė, 2011). In order to prepare for an unpredictable crisis, organizations may prepare business continuity (BC) and/or disaster recovery (DR) plans to assist in mitigating the negative effects of a crisis. Business continuity involves actions that are carried out by an organizational to ensure critical or otherwise deemed priority operations continue under normal conditions or those in which business operations are degraded by an unforeseen incident (Arduini & Morabito, 2010; Salman Sawalha, 2013). Additionally, disaster recovery is the procedures and processes that are undertaken by an entity to recover its technical capabilities and continue with business operations after a natural disaster or cyber-attack (Sasi Rekha, 2013). For BC plans, organizations should conduct due diligence in identifying the various crisis types that may potentially affect the organization. Moreover, identifying critical business functions is arguable a necessity in creating and maintaining organizational BC and DR plans that assist in negating the effects of a crisis. Additionally, the organization should identify critical organizational assets that need protection in the onset of a crisis.
The remaining context of this article will be centered on manufacturing operations. The manufacturing operations are operated in two equal size facilities of approximately 80,000 square feet and located in different cities. The two manufacturing operations are located in Florida and Oklahoma. Between the two locations, the business employs about 534 people in ranging skill sets such as machine operators, logistics, procurement, and operational management. Additionally, in the manufacturing of nationwide distributed products, 60% of raw materials are locally purchased in both Florida and Oklahoma. The chief executives of the organization are located in Florida along with portions of senior and mid-level management positions. Oklahoma, maintains senior and mid-level management level positions that work in combination with the leadership and operations in Florida.
In this article, we will discuss employee involvement in the testing and maintenance of the organizations BC/DR plan and the testing of the plan. Furthermore, a brief explanation on the importance of plan evaluation will be examined.
Organizational Employee Involvement
Business continuity and disaster recovery plans that have senior executive buy-in will create a positive organizational atmosphere in which all employees may contribute to the success of the plans (Arduini & Morabito, 2010; Seow, 2009). The creation of a BC/DR plan is performed...

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