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Testing Files Essay

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Employer Contribution and Wage Report
From previous discussion regarding ILinx, the Contribution and Wage Reports are being handled in two ways.
The EOM version of the report that we mail out will have barcodes on them from the Main Frame. When the document is returned and scanned this barcode will allow ILinx to automatically bring back the Account Number, Name, and Quarter Ending date. The required manual input on the EOM bar-coded reports, will be the batch number that was assigned by Emulation when it was initially received.
For the Contribution and Wage Reports that are not from the Main Frame EOM, it was previously discussed that they will use a ‘Flexi-Capture’ profile. As it was ...view middle of the document...

These will have the same Indexing values, but 52070 will bring back a different Subject Title Indexing Values and Order
Account Number
this should populate based on the 7-digit account number that is entered
Quarter Ending
Currently Cardiff takes MM/DD/YY OR MM/DD/YYYY formats and changes them to mm/dd/yyyy for FileNet can ILinx do this.
Batch Number
This is an Identification number created on emulation / mainframe when the reports are initially received and the checks/payments entered.
The data entry operators will manually set the batch number when they scan the reports. This includes the EOM Contribution and Wage Reports.
There are 3 different types of Contribution and Wage Reports and short-name 52070 using this profile)
*52070 – Electronic Reporting Transmittal
Subject Title
EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTION AND WAGE REPORT (no matter what short name is entered this is the title for all of them) with the exception of the 52070 reports they will have the subject title Electronic Reporting Transmittal exactly how it is pulled back from the look up table.
UI Document Type
2. BAM Header
From previous discussion, BAM Header will be a profile of its own. These documents have an individual Batch Number that is created when the Items are randomly selected by the Sun System Software. The documents need to be scanned in under the Unique Batch number, as this is how they are Identified in FileNet.
Indexing Values and Order
Batch Number
The batch number is created by the originating software known as ‘the Sun System’ and must follow the document all the way to FileNet. This will be manually entered by the User.
N/A BAM Headers do not have shortnames in file net.
Subject Title
BAM File
UI Document Type
3. Certified White Slips
Certified White Slips will have a ILinx profile all of their own. These items come in daily and are used by both Claims and Tax.
When the Certified White-Slip is originally created, the 20-digit Document Number is entered into a database/table along with either the SSN or the Acct# depending on if it comes from Claims or Tax.
When the white slip comes back in the mail, the scan room staff will utilize the Certified White-Slip profile. This profile will attempt to return the correct 20-digit Document number that is printed on the edge of the slip. When this number is captured correctly, it will return the associated SSN or Acct#, and the individual scanning will enter in the date listed on the slip. After the date is entered the user currently continues to tab through SSN and Acct# and this automatically retrieves the named
Indexing Values and Order
Document Number
This is a 20-digit number that is entered into a database/table when it is created and will return the SSN or Acct# associated with it.
The user needs to have the ability to...

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