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Testing Human Memory With Gabor Patch

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Although, it may sound easy to be able to determine if a Gabor patch is tilted to the left or the right as it quickly flashes on the screen, it is not really that easy. Past researchers have conducted how working memory may affect a person’s ability to complete tasks. Other literature reviews include, how the human visual system tracks changes and notice differences in stimuli. Lastly, earlier literature on humans who have completed a similar task to the participants in this study, which involves studying Gabor patches. The first study, done by Socchia, Cicchini, and Triesch (2012) examines their participants working memory to see if there is a relationship on how an object is positioned.
Socchia, et al. (2012), conducted two different experiments to see if there was any relationship between orientation of an object and working memory. For the first experiment, the participants had two separate tasks to complete. In the first task, the participants were shown a Gabor patch to memorize and then had to correctly remember the position (Socchia, Cicchini, & Triesch, 2012). The purpose of the second task was for participants had to carefully look at the stimuli and notice any changes. Researchers found the participants were able to perform the task sufficiently (Socchia, et al., 2012). The reason for conducting the following experiment was to see if the first experiment was affected by the participant’s cognition (Socchia, et al., 2012). Researchers, had recruited new participants and changed the look of the stimulus. For the second task, the participants had to use their left hand to indicate when the Gabor patch changed in contrast (Socchia, et al., 2012, p. 52). The results of the second experiment were close to the results of the first study. The next study also, looks at working memory and determines how change might affect a person’s working memory.
The purpose of this study is to determine how well does the visual system notice small changes and how adequate is the human working memory. Similar to the present study, the participants in this experiment sat exactly the same distance from the computer monitor (Salmela & Saarinen, 2012). The participants had two tasks to complete, the first one was to notice a difference in a Gabor patch and the second was to change the stimuli until matched the original stimuli (Salmela & Saarinen, 2012). The results of the study showed if the participants had to only memorize one stimulus they were able to recall the information as opposed to having to recall multiple stimuli. Alike to this study, Eng, Chen, and Jiang (2005) conducted a study to see how complex and simple stimuli affects a person’s visual system.
The importance of this study is to measure the participant’s visual working memory by giving them a change detection and visual task, with a variety of stimuli (Eng, Chen, & Jiang, 2005). The participants’ first task was to correctly identify the stimuli among similar stimuli. They also viewed a two...

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