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Since the beginning of time, man has had a connection with the animals around him whether it was for food or companionship. It is out of this relationship the controversial subject of animal testing arises. If most of society believes it is immoral to cause animals to suffer then experimenting on animals creates a serious ethical dilemma (BBC United Kingdom, 2008). While some people believe experimenting on animals is a necessary evil, others find it deplorable. More importantly animal testing is cruel, unethical, and often unreliable; especially when those same results can be produced by other methods.
Some people believe that animal research will create such great benefits for the human race that it is morally acceptable to destroy a few animals. Even though animal research only benefits humans if their outcomes are valid and can be of use. Unfortunately, most of the test results are considered unreliable (Animal Liberation Humane Education, 2014). The standard testing of medical devices and new medications calls for the exploitation of animals from blinding them to vivisection (dissection of an animal while alive and awake). The assumption that all recently discovered medications must be tested for safety in animal studies ahead of being authorized for human testing is based on the hypothesis that an animal’s response to a new medication is very similar to that of a human (NEAVS 2014).
Furthermore, different species process medication differently. There have been medications that were considered to be safe after animal experimentation which were later proven to be harmful if not deadly to humans (Pippin & Stoick, 2005). Biological discrepancies among and within species require scientists to advance with caution when interpreting the outcome of any research (Pippin & Stoick, 2005). As stated in some estimates, dangerous drug reactions are accountable for 2.2 million hospitalizations and 106,000 deaths every year
(Pippin & Stoick, 2005). Moreover, 50 percent of all FDA-approved drugs are removed or relabeled because of unforeseen side effects in humans (Pippin & Stoick, 2005). It is for that reason; the unexpected side effects of these medications create the serious need for more human-specific drug testing. (Pippin & Stoick, 2005).
Consequently, the accumulating pressure for development of alternatives for animal research demonstrates what can happen in the scientific community when faced with major challenge (Feder, 2007). Human skin,...

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