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Tests For Various Biological Molecules And Their Properties

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The Various Biological Molecules1. ProteinStructure:The protein is a complex, high-molecular-weight compound organic compound made up of amino acids joined by peptide bonds.Function:Many proteins are enzymes or subunits of enzymes, catalyzing chemical reactions. Some other proteins form the struts and joints of cytoskeleton. Many membrane proteins function as binding proteins for cell to cell adhesion, transport, signal molecules and for defence.2. FatsStructure:Lipids contain of just large regions of carbon, hydrogen. They are all hydrophobic and not soluble in water.Function:Serves as store for energy, insulation, formation of plasma membrane, buoyancy for animals, form a layer around organs and hence serve as a layer of protection.3. Reducing sugarStructure:It is hexagonal .it is carbon + water. They are sugar polymers. Reducing sugar is an organic compound that is composed of atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 1 carbon atom: 2 hydrogen atoms: 1 oxygen atom. glucose, one example of reducing sugar, has six carbon atoms.Function:It provides energy and regulates blood glucose.4. StarchStructure:Starch consists of 2 molecules, amylase and amylopectin, which both comprise of 1-4 glucose linkages. It is also a compound containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen in the ratio 1:2:1Function:It provides us with energy.Aim of the experimentTo test for the presence of starch, fats, reducing sugars in the bread, meat, scramble eggs and see whether the big breakfast is a healthy breakfast for people to consume.Experimental procedure1 Test for lipidsBREADStep 1: grind the bread into small pieces which can put into the test-tubeStep 2: put the small pieces of bread into the test-tubeStep 3: add in ethanol into the test-tubeStep 4: add In water into the test-tube as wellStep 5: shake the test-tube vigorously to check for cloudinessMeatStep 1: grind the bread into small pieces which can be put into the test-tubeStep 2: put the small pieces of meat into the test-tubeStep 3: add in ethanol into the test-tubeStep 4: add in water into the test-tube as wellStep 5: shake the test-tube vigorously to detect for cloudinessScramble eggsStep 1: cut a small piece of the scramble eggStep 2: put the piece of scramble egg into the test-tubeStep 3: add in ethanol into the test-tubeStep 4: add in water into the test-tube as wellStep 5: shake the test-tube vigorously to detect for cloudiness2 Test for proteinsBreadStep 1: grind the bread into smaller pieces which can fit into test-tubeStep 2: put the piece grinded bread into the test-tubeStep 3: add 5 drops of potassium hydroxide into the test-tubeStep 4: add 2 drops of copper sulphate solution into the test-tubeStep 5: mix them...

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