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“Tests Make Kids Smarter. Let's Give Them More.”

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Ezekiel J. Emanuel, author of the journal article “Tests Make Kids Smarter. Let’s Give Them More.” discusses the effect testing has on students. Ezekiel Emanuel begins his argument with the claim, standardized exams seem to encourage more cheating than learning. He explains that information today is more easily and accurately Googled than mentally recalled, resulting in memorization and the popular idea that testing is obsolete. Emanuel also states that “in the act of measuring students, you can actually affect how much knowledge they absorb and how well they retain it. (Emanuel, 2013)” In other words, Emanuel clarifies that it is not the testing that is crippling the students, it’s the ...view middle of the document...

If you fail to engage the new knowledge the more likely it will wither away. In addition to this, Emanuel explains that there is no plateau either. After numerous tests students performances progressively improved. After Emanuel reopens the question, why not implement more testing in classes? Responding, Emanuel states timing is the major factor. Teachers do not have the time in their schedules to develop numerous tests each year, grade them and return them in a reasonable period. However, to counter that claim Emanuel brings up the idea that the US Department of Education could step in and sponsor or create an institution with the aim to develop questions in each academic area. This would solve the problem of time restraint with teachers and assist in improving the education of the youth.
After reading this article, I began to consider the classes I have previously taken and in doing so, I confirmed Emmanuel’s concept. The classes I excelled in and enjoyed more were the ones that frequently tested me. After realizing this, I began to think of the academic environments of those classes. In each of those classes there were more students participating, asking questions and actually finding time to receive additional help if needed. In many of the other courses that did not test as frequently, the material and knowledge would slowly fade due to the fact that I never needed the material until the one test which usually took place once a month. In his article Emanuel states this, he explains that science proved that the sooner the material is assessed the more it sinks in, and I am in complete agreement. In the journal article Emanuel also mentions the “recall process involved in test-taking requires real mental effort, it bulks up the brain’s neural connections and may force the brain to create multiple, alternative retrieval routes for accessing the same piece of information (Emanuel, 2013).” Being tested more frequently forces students to study more often. And this constant routine, of obtaining information, testing your knowledge on that...

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