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Tests & Stress Essay

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When it comes to taking tests I normally do not stress over them. I go into it with a good and open mindset that I am going to pass with flying colors. If I stress before I even begin the test, then my whole mindset will be thrown off and it makes it hard for me to concentrate. I have to be in a quiet room by myself in order to take tests/quizzes. I do have a tendency to stress when a test is timed. For example, I am taking a timed test that has 40 questions and I have five minutes left but I’ve only answered one-fourth of the questions. I will then become a little worried that I will not get done with the test. As far as when taking short answer or essay tests I will become stressed and overwhelmed. Short answer and essay tests/quizzes are my least favorite tests to take.
I have a few regular tests coming up, but the next big test(s) I have coming up are both of my finals. I have one for ...view middle of the document...

When taking these sorts of tests I over think the answer and end up not answering the question with a suitable answer. One way I tend to not stress as much when taking short answer or essay tests/quizzes is knowing what the questions will be. That way I have time to think about the answer and I’m not put on the spot to answer the question.
I believe that these exams will be cumulative. The material that I tend to believe that will be covered on these exams are what we have already discussed in forums and in previous tests. I have faith that the questions will be similar to the ones on the previous tests I’ve already taken. When it comes to my math exam I think it will be related to the problems we’ve had on other tests. I know both of the test will be timed and I am all right with that as long as I can focus on the task at home.
It is important to not only pass these two finals, but it is important to pass all the tests, quizzes, and exams. It’s important because the count towards your final grade. I believe you should always strive to do your best whether it is for a grade or not. If you don’t try your best at everything you do, you might have to redo it. And as people say it’s better to do it right the first time, than to have to redo it.
When studying for these tests I will review the notes I’ve taken on the classes. I will take breaks while I study so I will not get flabbergasted with too much information at one time. I will also study for about an hour or so at a time, and then take a break. I am not sure how many study sessions or how much time I will need to study for these tests. However, I do plan to study every day and during any free time I may have.
As for any concerns I may have I’m not too sure I have any, other than being prepared for the test. I need to make sure I understand the instructions of the test and also what exactly the test is about. One concern I have every time I take a test is being able to concentrate. I want to make sure when taking a test that I am in a quiet room with no distractions. I always have a hard time at accomplishing this because there are always someone at my house.

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