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Table of Content:Executive summary 2I. Introduction 3II. Situational analysis 4II.1. The situational environments 41. Demand and demand trends 42. Social and cultural factors 43. Demographics 44. Economic and business conditions 45. Technology 46. Politics 5II.2. The neutral environment 51. Financial environment 52. Government environment 53. Media environment 54. Special interest environment 5II.3. The competitor's SWOT analysis 5-6II.4. The company environment 6-7III. The target market 8IV. SWOT Analysis 9V. Marketing objectives and goals 10VI. Marketing strategy 11-12VII. Marketing tactics 13-14VIII. Implementation and control 15IX. Summary 16X. Appendix 17Executive SummaryThis marketing-strategy plan will describe TET-A-TET café in terms of its current position in the market. Internal and external analysis would be conducted and written in this paper. Aim of this plan is to reveal problems, weakness, and provide ways through which they can be overcame. This, also tactics needed for achieving stated objectives would be presented in the paper. For instance, improving quality of products, offer more drinks and so on.Primary investments in this project will be approximately 8,000 USD. In addition to that, Top Manager is going to increase sales. If for example now sales are 589,560 KZT per month, Financial Manager expects them to be 680,000 KZT. Presently monthly profits are 148,390 KZT that could increase by 20% in two years, if management of TET-A-TET would implement all suggestions made in this paper.I. IntroductionCafé TET-A-TET was opened in summer 1995. It is situated in the center of Lenin Park. Café operates in servicing industry by providing food and drinks to its customers. It is seasonal one, and works only in late spring, summer, and in early autumn. The exterior of TET-A-TET is made from wood; the roof is covered by straw. Thus, TET-A-TET attracts many people who pass through this café. For this time it operates in full capacity. Café servicing people who comes to the Park and do not have distinct target market, however we propose to reconsider it by concentrating on families with children as this the place where people go with their family. Café follows maximizing current profit strategy. Even it is so TET-A-TET just in 4th place in the market according to their monthly average revenue. There are too many competitors and it has to be flexible in order to sustain its position. As a consequence of long analysis of environment, café itself and other factors Managers are concluding that it could become the market leader in Lenin Park.II. Situational AnalysisII.1. The Situational Environment1. Demand and Demand TrendsFuture demand for TET-A-TET café is expected to grow slowly in summer season. Managers make this prediction based on assumptions there will be no rapid growth because it requires some time for our potential customers to become aware of reconstructions and innovations...

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