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Texas, Utah And Tennessee Tax Systems

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When comparing the amount of revenue of Texas, Tennessee and Utah and the type of taxes they charged, there is something that needs to be taken in consideration, and it is that the states differ in size and also in the amount of population, besides that the state of Texas lack of income tax revenue.
According to the data obtain from the United States Census Bureau; the state of Texas received the amount of $ 24,500,909 in sales tax revenue in the year 2012, Tennessee $6,512,352, and Utah $1,857,055. The sale tax in Texas percentage is “6.25 % to 8.25% depending on the local cities; Tennessee charges “7%, but the number can vary from 1% to 2.75 %”; Utah is “4.70% to 7.95%. Texas population is approximately 26,06 million; Utah 2,855 million, and Tennessee is 6,456 million by 2012; These numbers show that the state of Texas is bigger in size and population than Tennessee and Utah; however the sales taxes revenue is lower han Tennessee, but higher than Utah’s.
Utah main type of revenue is individual income tax. The state charges it’s citizens a seven and quarter percent rate of their income. Tennessee burden just for dividends and interest income, and the state of Texas does not have any income tax revenue.
By reviewing the state sales tax, and the income tax charged by thee three states, I can identify the type of tax that each one of them uses to acquire their revenue. Texas uses a regressive tax type, because it lacks of income tax revenue that divides each individual by brackets according to their incomes, while the sales tax charges everyone the same rate, regardless of their income, making this type of taxation a big problem for the poor. Utah also has a regressive tax because it charges a flat 5 percent from income Tax to each individual regardless of their income, which is favorable for the wealthy people, but prejudicial for the poor. Tennessee has a rate of 6% in income tax per individual also making this type of taxation a regressive type of tax; though, the Tennessee income tax does not apply to salaries and wages (Retirement Living Information Center). The statistics clearly show that Utah income tax is not favorable for the poor, just favor the wealthy, because each citizen is in a different tax bracket. While Texas and Tennessee have a different system, which one sees it is more favorable for the citizens.
According to the authors of the book Lone Star politics the property Tax in the state of Texas is lower compared to the other two states, but the local governments impose a significant local property tax. While the Texas constitution prohibit the charge of property taxes the cities, counties and local school districts burden for property taxes, because they depend strongly on their revenue (376). This is done due to the fact Texas lack of income tax revenue, makes more difficult for some entities to collect their money to be able to operate. “For homeowners 65 and older, $10,000 (in addition to the regular $15,000 homestead...

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