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Text Book Question And Answer. Explain Why It Is Important To You And How You Would Explain The Concept To An Employee That Is New To The Finance Department.

1015 words - 4 pages

Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Care




Final Assessment


HCS 557 Workshop V

Financial Management in Health Care


Total Points: 10

Each question is worth 0.5 points

(2 questions are = to 1point)


September 26, 2008

Students the following is your final assessment for HCS 577. There are various types of test questions including true / false questions, matching, and multiple choices. Please read each question carefully and place the appropriate response on the line provided.

True / False Questions

Read each question carefully, and then carefully write a T (true) or F (false) on the line next to the question.

1. T -- The managerial accountant looks forward and the financial accountant looks backward.

2. T -- Cash flow statement provides information related to the balance sheet.

3. T -- Assets = Liabilities + Net Assets.

4. T -- A ledger is a book (computer memory) in which we keep track of the impact of financial events on each account.

5. F -- Third party payers - are the tax payers.

6. T -- Inventories are good that have been sold.

7. T -- A ratio is any number compared to another number.

8. T -- Liquidity is a measure of the amount of resources an organization has that are cash or are convertible to cash.

9. F -- Benchmarks are a table to review cash collected for that day.

10. T -- J.I.T. inventory calls for the arrival of inventory just as it is needed.

Multiple Choices

Read each question carefully and then circle the letter with the best answer.

Receivables are:

Simpson Model of financing

The amounts its customers owe it for goods /services

Prospective information

A payment system

None of the...

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