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In Chapters Five and Seven of School Leadership and Administration, authors, Dr. Richard A. Gorton and Dr. Judy A. Alston (2012), discuss conflict and change – two seemingly inevitable components within school administration. Chapter Five begins by establishing that the goal of conflict management isn't to avoid conflict, but rather to handle conflict in a positive manner, thereby minimizing the negative fallout (Gorton & Alston, 2012, p. 129). After that, the authors discuss common origins of conflict for school administrators, various approaches for conflict management, the importance of evaluating conflict management efforts, and then address bullying, violence, and strategies for ...view middle of the document...

Gorton and Alston's information is very reliable. The authors' experience and expertise outlined in the “Meet the Authors” section gives validity and credibility to their writing (Gorton & Alston, 2012, p. vi). In addition, they provide easily verifiable citations to support their assertions (pp 157-161, 211-214). Likewise, this text echoes many of the same concepts presented in previous conflict resolution coursework regarding communication, culture, different worldviews, and the need for both common ground and a broad perspective.
Furthermore, the presentation was very positive and this reader appreciated the layout with headings and subheadings, as well as the citations In striving to present such a comprehensive overview of conflict management, however, the authors dilute some important aspects in Chapter Five, such as the four sources of social conflict (Gorton & Alston, 2012, pp.138-139). Yet, Chapter Seven seemed to keep a more cohesive presentation on the process of implementing change....

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