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Text Messages Essay

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Research Question: The effect of text messages on students writing skills at the University of the West Indies. This Topic has intrigued the researchers interest and as a result this proposal will be investigating how text messaging and the affects the writing skills of students that attend the University of the West Indies.
This topic is indeed worth studying because of the poor English skills that students are experiencing. I have also had personal experience where as a result of texting my writing skills have been negatively affected. English is the accepted language and as University Studies we are expected to have a good command of it. However there are different factors that can affect this. The research would like to find out how texting affects this, as when we text we spell and structure words differently. Some persons are not able to manage the change when they should write their papers in school because they are acquainted to write a particular way. So this is why the researcher thinks that it is worth studying as this will allow us to identify the effect of texting and to see if we can provide possible solutions so that these problems can be alleviated.
The terms that the researcher wishes to identify are Texting, writing skills and students. Texting according to is define as the sending of short text messages between cell phones, pagers or other hand held devices, messages are sent through (SMS) Short message service. According to, writing skills is the ability to communicate effectively and clearly to express idea thought and feeling. Students refer to a set of individuals who attends an academic institution for formal learning.
The theory in which the researcher will use to guide the research process is the Uses and Gratification Theory. This theory will apply to my research as it seeks to explain how people choose and uses media in order to communicate effectively. The researcher will therefore use this theory to identify the effect of using technology (cell phones) which is used to create text messages and its effect on the writing skills of students who use text messaging.
My sample size will be large; this will enable my findings to be better able to generalize to the population. My sample will be the amount of students attending the University of the West Indies Mona which is over 15 thousand students. The researcher will also be performing the simple random sampling where each subject will have an equal chance of being selected.

Literature Review
O’Conner (2012) stated that the advent of the Internet and cell phones in the late 1990’s has achieved increasing prevalence in our society. However in the last few years educators have started to notice and explore their effect on student’s behavior and performance. O’Conner highlighted that several articles...

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