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Text Messaging And The Effects Of Instant Messages On The New Generation

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All Rise. Case # 2002: Text Messaging"Mst f tym dey usd ds knd f lng`ge 2 tlk 2 1 anthr nt 1ly n txt bt even n wrtng ltrs 2." Have you understood what the previous sentence means? Or worse, could you utter or enunciate it? If you are a teenager or a member of the new generation, then you might have grasped the main idea of it. Otherwise, I bet you could. The previous sentence is one of billions of sentences that are being sent and dealt with daily. It is, indeed, the new language of text messaging. With the advancement in technology, science is coming up everyday with new devices that enable nations to communicate through. Cell phones and instant messages via the Internet are mostly the fertilized soul on which text messages are growing daily. Though these new technologies that are brought to us everyday save our time and help us accomplish the work easily, some people are decisive upon the effects these devices are causing to human beings, especially to the youth. And since the youth are considered the main users to these devices, they might be victims to these new technologies. They become more addicted to use chat rooms via the Internet. So, they spend loads of hours awake chatting using their digits instead of their tongues. Also, the SMS (short message service) has become the appropriate and the fastest way to communicate with each other, which means that they are more exposed to heavy and strong electromagnetic waves that are emitted from cell phones. There have been fierce debates about blaming text messaging devices of deteriorating the literacy level of school children around the world, and increasing both health worries and the "digital gap" in societies.The first issue is that both instant and mobile messages encourage the use of informal and abbreviated language among teenagers. It has been estimated that over 60 million text messages are being sent every day in the Philippines ("Text Messaging: Boon or Bane?" par.7). In addition, this figure jumps to a hundredfold in the U.S. itself. That means that billions of informal and abbreviated languages are being exchanged among the youth, which might affect their knowledge of formal languages. Getting used to sending lots of wrong, broken and bending spelling and grammar rules may have its great future impact on teenagers who are still unaware of the dangers of depriving their languages. While writing messages, teenagers try to shorten their sentences as much as possible even if they use just misleading words. For example, chatters refer to "see you then " by CU, "thanks " by THNX, "got to go " by GTG ," what is up " by WUZZUP, and the list goes on and on with endless number of abbreviations. However, Ulrich Real in the article "Web Chatting," says that abbreviated language is not always preferable among the youth since they have the desire to play with language as well (Par.3). As a result, they invented the smileys language that is widely spread among users. Smileys language is the new...

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