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Text Response: The Divine Wind By Gary Disher

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'Friendship is a slippery notion'; discuss in relation to Hart's development.'Friendship is a slippery notion', Hart's character throughout the novel illustrates this point very clearly. His three main friendships can be distinguished, that with Mitsy, Jamie and Derby. These friendships all show a different perspective of Hart's personality. These friendships develop and change as the novel progresses through this the impact on Harts character can be identified. Hart shares a very complex and intimate friendship with Mitsy. At the beginning we see their friendship as very much innocent however as the novel progresses, Hart is faced with several events which alter his life; for example, the war, which consequently changes his friendship with Mitsy. Hart and Jamie have a friendship based highly on convenience. Their friendship quickly deteriorates due to changes in perspective, for example Hart begins to become increasingly suspicious regarding Jamie's relationship with Mitsy, this is a major issue in their friendship. Hart's friendship with Derby is much more stable, Hart possesses an amount of admiration for Derby.Mitsy was Japanese and lived in China town. She was Alice's best friend, which led to her and Hart also developing a friendship. Hart and Mitsy's friendship was a continuum of ups and downs as a result of their circumstances. Hart was in love with Mitsy from the start although this love was initially not spoken directly of. In the cinema in Sheba Lane both Mitsy and Hart would sit together with their shoulders and knees touching. This was their private way of acknowledging their feelings for each other. Hart says "I fell in love with Mitsy in the darkness of the tin walled cinema in Sheba Lane…" As the novel progresses several events occur in both Hart and Mitsy's lives, which influence their relationship. The first event was the loss of Mitsy's father Zeke and the consequential damage to Harts leg after the accident on the luggers. This event leaves both Hart and Mitsy emotionally scarred. As a result of Harts injury, he becomes very reclusive and self-pitying. It reaffirmed his low self-confidence and self esteem, as he was much less mobile. Mitsy also retracts more into the Japanese community; she spends a lot of time with her mother and suffers immensely from the impacts of the war and her father's death. This situation distances their relationship. The second major event concerned Jamie's relationship with Mitsy. Hart became very suspicious of the two of them, which caused rifts. Hart wanted to have Mitsy exclusively to himself. Hart even began to follow Mitsy to see if she was meeting Jamie; "I followed them to the beach, to parkland, to shadowy lanes…" It shows the lack of trust Hart had in Mitsy. The final and perhaps most significant event which changed both Hart and Mitsy's relationship and Hart himself, was...

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