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Romeo & Juliet – Text vs. movie

The tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet” was originally a play created by William Shakespeare, one of many world famous plays by the same. This play has been converted into its intended style many times in the past, the earliest version in 1968 was directed by Franco Zeffirelli, the latest film in 1996 by Baz Luhrmann. The latter is quite modern and only occassionally uses the words of Shakespeare. On the contrary, the older version was very traditional, and almost completely stuck to the original script. In this essay, I will compare the modern day film to the traditional version of the tragic play, “Romeo and Juliet.
Amongst the key differences are those in the various characters and how they are portrayed in the two separate editions of the tragedy. One example is Romeo, for he is starred as a serious young man who is feeling very lovesick from his love for Rosaline, and later, Juliet, in the more faithful version. On the other hand, in the modern version, he appears to be a regular youth, looking for a bit of fun, and is slightly immature. In addition, he murders Paris in the final scene according to the traditional play, whereas he does not do so in the movie. This disrupts the chain of events, in which the authorities are called to the scene.
If Paris does not turn up, neither will his Page. The Page was the one who called the guards, who informed the families, who contacted the police, who got in touch with the Prince, according to the play. Cutting Paris completely out of the final scene was an unexpected twist designed to flabbergast the audience.
Another example is Juliet, for in the traditional version, she is portrayed as quite young, independent, mature and very serious about her relationship with Romeo. However, in the modern adaptation of the tragedy, she is her same independent self, although a couple of years older, a dash more romantic, not as serious and sensible as shown in the traditional version. The dress that she wears in the older version is crimson, and does not make her look as beatific as the winged outfit that she wears in the later version. Also, as her dress in the later version, it gives off an...

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