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How much better would it be for students to carry one tablet as opposed to several heavy books? Because of the ability to constantly customize, update and tailor learning, many schools are starting to go digital. Printed textbooks should be replaced by tablets for three main reasons: tablets increase student interactivity and creativity, they improve grades and responsibility, and provide students with more up-to-date information.
Increase In Participation
Tablets increase students interactivity and their creativity in the classroom. “When students use computers, it offers workplace-like situations that require independent, self-directed learning, thus preparing students with college and career readiness skills,” according to Doug Levin, SETDA’s executive director (Reiss).
Teachers are able to design, develop, and use materials they gather from online resources. It’s often time consuming for teachers but good for students (Álvarez). “I’m certainly not one who thinks technology is a silver bullet,” says Adam Frankel, executive director of Digital Promise. “If it is used well, it allows teachers and schools to personalize education. That is the dream of education, to help students be taught in the way they need to be taught” (Reiss).
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is deciding whether or not they should create a “Digital Literacy Corps” to help teach parents, teachers, students, and other community members computer skills (Reiss).

Improved Grades And Responsibility
Replacing print textbooks with tablets could improve students grades and increase responsibility. According to the U.S. Department of education and recent studies by the National Training and Simulation Association, using electronic devices can help students’ academic goals be reached more quickly (Reiss).
Growing evidence shows that students learn better with tablets than with textbooks. According to MOBILEDIA report titled “Kids to Spur Tablet Growth,” a study conducted on algebra students showed that use of tablets produced higher scores than those who used print textbooks (The Art). A teacher who has taught at Norfolk Junior High for fourteen years, thinks that tablets help increase student achievement, especially when educators are given the training needed to use these devices in a way that directly connects with students. According to teachers, students do better with electronics because it motivates their learning (Álvarez).
Many could argue that tablets would be a distraction to students because they can provide them with games, videos, emails and many other sources of entertainment. However, blocks can be put on most of these to prevent...

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